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The Ultimate Guide to FJD Black Friday Deals 2023

The Black Friday sale is a great opportunity for people to save money on various products and services. This year is no exception. In this blog post, we will provide you with the best deals available from FJD Power Solutions, FJD Precision Agriculture, and FJD Geospatial Tools. Besides, we also prepare some tips for FJD 2023 Black Friday Shopping. Let's have a look now!

Early Black Friday Deals 2023: Key Information

Best Deals for Power Solutions

FJD Power Solutions offers a range of products to optimize your power usage and reduce your energy costs. FJD portable power stations with a large battery capacity and a long battery life can charge a wide range of electronic devices and small appliances, including smartphones, laptops, cameras, drones, mini fridges, and portable speakers. Here are some of the best deals available from FJD Power Solutions this year:


MP2000 & MP500


- Multiple Output Ports for Different Devices

- Large Capacity and Safe Power Output

- Constant Power Supply, Switch in 10ms

- Charging Up to 12 Devices Simultaneously

- Easy Connection with Solar Panels



- Sleek Unibody and Stylish Design

- Ultra-Portability with Only 3.6kg

- Leading A 0-Noise Revolution

- Energy-Efficient 48V DC System

- Expandable Battery Power & Capacity


Powersec 90


- Palm-size with Maximum Power

- Simple yet Premium Design

- Strong Safety Protection Systems

- Rich Interfaces with Fast Charging

- Tough Enough for More Photographic Scenarios

Best Deals for Precision Agriculture

FJD Precision Agriculture products help you optimize your crop yields and reduce your farming cost. Employed state-of-the-art technologies, the FJD Autosteering Kit is absolutely your essential precision farming tool. It comes with unparalleled centimeter-level precision across all farming activities from planting and cultivating, to fertilizing and harvesting. Here are some of the best deals available from FJD Precision Agriculture this year:

Autosteering Kit with Free U-turn


- Unmatched Precision & Adaptability

- Smart Navigation & Efficient U-Turns

- Streamlined ISOBUS Connectivity

- Enhanced Productivity & Sustainable Farming

- User-friendly Interface with All Task Information


autosteering kit

Autosteering Kit + RTK Base Station Bundle


- Centimeter-level Positioning Accuracy

- Wide Range Coverage of Up to 5km

- Global Signal Coverage for Multiple Channels

- Stable and Continuous Operation

- Quick Installation and Setup within Minutes


 auto steer system



- FJD RTK Base Station

A Portable GNSS RTK Receiver Providing Fast and Accurate Positioning

- FJD V1t GNSS RTK Rover

Effortlessly Obtain Tilt Measurements and Save Valuable Time and Resources

- FJD Smart U-turn Software

U-turn Auto-drive Activation License for FJD Autosteering Kit - INSTANT DELIVERY

- FJD WiFi Camera

Adapted to FJD Guidance Systems to Acquire Real-time Operation Status

- FJD Easy Control

Wireless Controller for FJD Autosteering Kit with Multiple Application Scenes



Best Deals for Geospatial Tools

FJD Geospatial Tools, like 3D handheld scanners, explore a new way to see the world and digitize assets with ease. Powered by world-leading SLAM algorithms, the Trion Scanners can capture, process and display accurate point clouds in real time on mobile terminals. Here are some of the best deals available from FJD Geospatial Tools this year:

S1 3D LiDAR Scanner


- 360° Vertical FOV, 270° Horizontal FOV

- Scan 320,000 Points Per Second

- Support High Accuracy of 0.8-2cm

- Great Range of 120 Meters 3D Measurement

- Scanning Indoors, Outdoors & Underground

Trion S1

P1 3D LiDAR Scanner


- Compact Weighing only 1.15 kg

- Real-time Point Cloud Visualization

- Ready, Set & Scan Simple Workflow

- Multiple Application Scenarios

- Complete Point Cloud Solution

trion p1

Tips for FJD 2023 Black Friday Shopping

How to Save Most with My Purchase?

You'd better check the Black Friday 2023 Deals At a Glance:

- Save up to 53% for Power, $1,978 for Agtech, $4,199 for Geospatial

- Subscribe to Our Newsletter to Get $20 OFF

- Join Our Facebook Groups to Get $200 OFF

- Enter Two Giveaway Events with Fabulous Prizes

- Grab Extra Free Gifts with Limited Quantity

black friday

Terms & Conditions

1. The promotion will run from November 7th to November 30th, 2023.

2. Free shipping will be provided for all orders during the promotion period.

3. If you return any items within five business days of receiving them, we will process the refund and issue it to your payment method.

4. In case of any issues during the promotion period, please contact our customer service team, and we will try our best to assist you.

5. FJD Store reserves the right to cancel or modify any promotional activities at any time. Any questions or concerns can be addressed by our customer service team.

Final Thoughts

FJD early Black Friday deals 2023 is coming and it's time to start shopping. With these deals on offer from Power Solutions, Precision Agriculture and Geospatial Tools, you can save money on the products that you need. Don't miss out on these great deals - shop now!

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