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FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System

FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System

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*Currently not available in Latin America, Mexico, Turkey, Japan, Brazil, and India.

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Improve Efficiency with FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System


FJD 3D excavator guidance system is an excavator grade control system with high construction accuracy. It uses a 3D reference model, displaying the real-time excavator and bucket position and shows the real-time excavation and filling workload to complete the goal of digitally guiding excavation construction.
FJD 3D excavator guidance system uses RTK combined with GNSS technology to achieve the excavator grade control accuracy reaching 3cm.


3cm Accuracy. By obtaining attitude information of the excavator body, boom, and bucket through GNSS and RTK technology, this GPS excavator grade control system can guide operators in achieving 3cm high accuracy construction.

Task Visualization. FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System features task visualization to check the construction tasks in real-time, helping operators complete tasks with high quality.

3 Task Generation Modes. This GPS excavator grade control system has 3 task generation modes: slope and depth settings, CAD design file import, and custom design. Operators can choose the corresponding mode according to their needs.


Control Terminal: Human Machine Interface (HMI), control and display terminal of the excavator. The size is 10.1''. Users can view and control the status of the excavator and bucket.

Attitude Sensor Modules: Obtain attitude information. The info will be transmitted to the control terminal, and the coordinates of the excavator bucket teeth are finally obtained through calculation.
For general excavators, we have a total of four attitude sensors:

1. Excavator Platform Attitude Sensor

2. Boom Attitude Sensor

3. Stick Attitude Sensor

4. Bucket Attitude Sensor

GNSS Antenna: Receive signal from the satellite and get the coordinates of the excavator. Two GNSS antennas, one for positioning and one for orientation.

4G Antenna: Receives the network RTK signal. Realizes the communication between the control terminal and the cellular information (4G).

Radio Antenna: Receives the base station RTK signal. Realizes the communication between the control terminal and the RTK mobile base station.


Q1: Can my excavator use this GPS excavator grade control system?

A1: The FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System is compatible with all the major brands of excavators, such as Doosan, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Volvo, etc. And we have an extension harness solution for excavators of different sizes.

Q2: How large can a CAD design file be? Are there any constraints on file size?

A2: The file shall not be too large. If your file has too many layers, the system can read some layers that it takes. You can use a CAD file in the format Land XML.

Q3: When working on a big project that has a couple of heights, different slopes, and a couple of excavators, can we use the same design file?

A3: Yes, we could use the same design file in all excavator guidance systems.

Q4: How are the sensors connected, wireless or cable?

A4: The sensors are connected through cables. Our sensor cable is strong and durable and can work in harsh working environments.

Q5: How about the after-sales service of this excavator grade control system?

A5: FJDynamics has very professional support teams. Once you have a problem with your device, we will arrange a local support team to assist you. At the same time, the FJD official support center can provide online support.

Easy Construction in Complex Site

Just sitting in the cab, you can maintain the construction accuracy of 3cm.

High Accuracy, 3cm

According to fieldwork feedback, after using this GPS excavator grade control system, the proportion of measuring point accuracy within 3cm has increased by 150%.

High Construction Quality

Seeing the completion status of the task through the control terminal. Meanwhile, display the distance from the target position, and send an alarm when the bucket approaches the target position. Help you to avoid over-dig.

High Efficiency

This GPS excavator grade control system simplifies the repetitive steps of lofting, piling, and measuring in traditional construction. Help operator digs with high efficiency.

Safety Guarantee

Since the surveying process is simplified, there is no need for inspectors to stay in a dangerous position, which greatly improves the safety during the construction process.

Extensive Adaptability

Support multiple brands of excavators, and support multiple types of buckets: universal buckets, tilt buckets, tiltrotator buckets, etc.



FJD 3D excavator guidance system can be widely used in construction scenarios with high requirements for excavator grade control operation accuracy.

Cost-effective & Time Saving

Digital Construction VS Traditional Construction

  • Fuel Consumption

  • Proportion of Measuring Point Accuracy Within 3cm

  • Labor Hours

What the Customer Said

"I installed this excavator grade control system on my CAT 320 for excavation channel work in the field. I finally stopped measuring often and worrying about technical limitations."

A CAT 320 excavator owner from USA