FJD Trion P1 LiDAR Scanner

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New Dimensions Unfold with FJD Trion P1 SLAM Scanner

Relative Accuracy.svg__PID:efb06bf8-103d-4c93-aeb7-f7c74cc5a9c0

Relative Accuracy Up to 2 cm*

Scanning Range 40m.svg__PID:6bf8103d-dc93-4eb7-b7c7-4cc5a9c0eb0c

Scanning Range 40m @ 10% reflectivity

LiDAR FOV.svg__PID:8d0f522c-57dc-4ef9-b8ba-f6af3a035c5b

LiDAR FOV 360° × 59°

200,000  Points Per Second.svg__PID:522c57dc-6ef9-48ba-b6af-3a035c5bbf63

Points Per Second 200,000

Lightweight and Portable.svg__PID:4a6e0b34-8f3b-454c-8310-dc7b8796ced4

Lightweight and Portable 1kg / 2.2lbs

Real-Time  Point Cloud.svg__PID:0b348f3b-b54c-4310-9c7b-8796ced47544

Real-time Point Cloud Visualize as you scan

Easy Reality Capture

All Day Long.jpg__PID:3c15da0a-985a-492d-9a53-e7ef7d38c898

Indoor, Outdoor, Underground

Wherever you go, the P1 3D floor plan scanner can capture what you see. Map the environment with intricate details inside and outside, from ornate architecture to hidden infrastructure, from forensic evidence to urban vegetation analysis. Powerful SLAM technology enables the P1 to work in direct sunlight or even at night.

Compact Yet Mighty

Pick up the FJD Trion P1 whenever you want to take a closer look at your world. Weighing in at only 1.15 kg or slightly over 2 lbs, the P1 3D LiDAR scanner fits in a messenger bag and can work all day with easy battery swaps, recreating your environment in minutes with 3D LiDAR scanning.


Reliable Accuracy

FJD Trion P1 Portable 3D Laser Scanner, paired with up to 2cm of relative accuracy, provides 3D LiDAR scanning results that are more precise, intricate, and lifelike than ever before.

Complete Point Cloud Solution

FJD Trion Scan displays the scanned files and battery life. It also visualizes the point cloud in real-time. FJD Trion Model denoises and colorizes point clouds. It produces 2D drawings and 3D models.


Professional Service & Support

We offer free and fast shipping to your doorstep, 24/7 available customer support via email or WhatsApp. Also, we provide 1-year free warranty and 1v1 before & after-sales tech support including demo and sample data.

Application Scenarios


Mobile LiDAR Scanner: Streamlining Your Construction Site Survey

Apr 11, 2024


3D LiDAR Data: A Promising Solution for Efficient Forestry Surveying

May 10, 2024


Handheld Laser Scanner: Real-Time Data Acquisition for Underground Mapping

May 24, 2024

See What Our Customers Say

payoyoungcholucianoamandolagps world

"Love it. Didn't expect it to be this good. RTK fusion works. It reduces error from 23mm to 13mm in 40m length. Not to mention the RAW file. So much detail and so little noise."

"Thank you very much FJDynamics for coming up with this fantastic rather affordable device. I'm actually 100% convinced we're going to get way more out of this than what we invested in."

"The scanner proved to exceed my expectations both indoors and outdoors. The software is intuitive and powerful. The pre-sales and after-sales service is excellent."

"With the Trion P1 lidar scanner, we're putting the power of reality capture into the hands of both seasoned professionals and those curious about 3D scanning."

User Cases

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