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GNSS and multi-type sensor modules lead to high-precision construction, and give operators of all skill levels the ability to be more productive than ever before!
Safety guarantee, cost reduction, efficiency and profit boost in engineering construction!

1. RTK and GNSS ensure 3cm accuracy.
2. Key functions: Real-time access to the coordinates of movable arms and bucket rod, task visualization with easy-to-learn HMI platform, Remote control mode and E-Fence Warning lead to operation safety.
3. Suitable for various brands of engineering machineries, such as CAT, VOLVO, DOOSAN, HITACHI, SANY, etc.
4. Core components: Angle sensors (on bucket, arm and boom), GNSS Antenna, 4G Antenna, Control Terminal.
5. Optional accessories available: Wi-Fi Camera and base station, to acquire precise positioning and the real-time operation status of excavator.

Static Accuracy: ±3.0 cm
Assisted Operation Accuracy: ±5.0 cm
Assisted Operation Accuracy: ±5.0 cm
Working Temperature: -30°C - +70°C
Waterproof and Dustproof: IP65
Power Supply: 12-24V