Intelligent Heat Lamp

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 The SveaverkenIntelligent Heat Lamp is mainly designed for piglet in large-scale pig farms. Based on the different temperature requirements of piglet's growth-stage, it could provide a suitable warm environment.


Intelligent Temperature Control Lampprovides an automatic temperature control system and remote management to scientific and precise control the heat lamp. Thus increasing the management efficient of pig farm and the rate of piglets’ survival, saving energy and management cost.


1. Intelligent Temperature Control System
2. 46% Energy Saved
3. Batch Remote Control
4. Safe and Durable  

1.Working Voltage:AC230V;
2.Rated Power:175W;
4.Waterproof Rate:IPX4
5.Control Mode:BLE
6.Lamp Life:>5000 Hours
8.Note:Lampshade and bulb are individually packed