Sveaverken Livestock Brush

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Livestock Brush, care for animals. It gives animals a pleasant and healthy massage. The brush is made of PUR material with high wear resistance and durability. It can remove dirt and parasites from the body, providing good heat dissipation while improving blood circulation

1. It is elastic and does not easy to scratch animal's fur and skin.
2. It can activate animal’s muscles, increase the immune system and promote blood circulation.
3. Make animals healthier, and healthier cows gives more milk with better quality.
4. Easy to mount. It is easy to install by putting on straps.
5. Flexible enough to operate in different farming practices, from free stalls and loose housing to pasture.
6. Easy to clean,Just flush it with water.
7. Save power with no electricity required.
8. Eco-friendly product with unique material.

Size: 600*515*90 mm
Weight: 5.5 KG
Material: PUR
Color: blue
Accessory: 4 nylon ropes for fixing