Intelligent Heat Lamp— Tablet

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Control heating lamps via APP, including switch control, temperature adjustment, mode setting and etc. And the terminal equipment records the running status in real time, all data is visualized, enables digital management at a glance.


1. Can be networked by Bluetooth Mesh to achieve full coverage of pig farm area.          2. A smart tablet, only using Bluetooth to connect one of the heat preservation lights, can control and manage 100 heat preservation lights in the pig barn, convenient and fast.

Function Introduction:

1. No need to log in, local mode is ready to use                                                                

2. Icon display, device real-time status at a glance 

3. Click the icon to enter advanced control mode

4. Top search bar, enter keywords to quickly filter devices

5. Click the on/off button in the icon, you can quickly control the light bulb on / off

6. Click "+" on the right side of the search bar, you can scan and add surrounding devices

7. Big data management in networked mode