Sveaverken LoRaWAN Gateway

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Sveaverken LoRaWAN Gateway is an outdoor IoT gateway based on LoRa low-power wide area network technology. Abundant serial interfaces and free embedded NS can be used in global frequencies such as
It adopts IP67 waterproof and dustproof housing, supports short-term operation and alarms under abnormal power failure, and meets the needs of various outdoor complex environment terminal data collection.
1. Be adapted to Sveaverken Smart Neck-Tag product.
2. strong data processing ability, stable operation.
3. supporting half-duplex/full-duplex transmission.
4. Compatible with mainstream LoRaWAN network server platforms such as TTN, ChirpStack, LinkWAN, etc.
5. Built-in web server and provide MQTT/HTTP/HTTPS API to facilitate rapid application deployment.