Sveaverken Smart Neck-Tag

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Sveaverken Smart Neck-Tag is partially designed for cow`s heat detection based on the variation of motion amount and body temperature.  With a smart sensor collecting physiological information of individual cow, and conduct data analysis based on the information from smart algorithm, it provides optimal herd management.
It applies to semi-open and free-ranging farms in different sizes, and would especially exert perfectly in modern scale-up farm, improving production performance and management capacity significantly.
1. Improving the detection rate of estrus.
2. Ultra-low power consumption design and large-capacity lithium battery, covering the entire production life of the cow.
3. Ultra-long-distance telecommunication technology, it can effectively cover cows within 1km.
4. Remote pasture management, easy application interface without technical skills.
1. Model: SCN100
2. Tag Dimension: 110*70*35mm
3. Tag Weight: 240g
4. Balancer Dimension: 86*66*30mm
5. Balancer Weight: 350g
6. Protection Grade: IP67
7. Service Duration: over 5 years
8. Communication Mode: LPWAN-IoT
9. Theoretical Communication Range: ≤1km (Factual data is subject to actual landform and building condition)