Precision Agriculture

Improved Farming ROI Starts here.

Precision agriculture starts with high GNSS positioning accuracy of 2.5cm. You can increase efficiency and reduce costs during farming operations such as land preparation, sowing, seeding, harvesting, etc.

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Innovative Power Solutions

Ensure Your Power is Available When in Need

FJDynamics has created a complete line of power supply and energy storage products like portable power stations, solar panels, and inverter generators. We offer you innovative power solutions to meet different scenarios, ensuring your power is available whenever and wherever you need it.

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They Love Us!

Hear it from the best about FJDynamics Autosteering Kit.

“ I can see where farmers can really utilize this equipment.
FJD Autosteering Kit is the pioneer autonomous driving system in the world, which can be installed onto agri-vehicles to have a straight driving assistance and can be upgraded to autonomous driving.  ” 

Our Wyoming Life

“You will save on seeds and you will have sown properly. ”


This Autosteering Kit is exceptional value for money!
A new atumatic GPS + RTK assistance guide for my tractor !” 

The Italian Farmer