FJD Inverter Stromerzeuger Leise X2800iE
FJD Inverter Stromerzeuger Leise X2800iE

FJD Inverter Stromerzeuger Leise X2800iE

  • Lightest 500W power station on the go;
  • Half the size of other 504Wh power stations on the market;
  • Unibody shell, durable and stylish;
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3-year Warranty1

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Ultra-Portable Power Station, take it wherever you go

FJD PONY 500, the first ultra-portable power station from FJDynamics, is born to break the boundaries of considerable power capacity and handy size. With half the size and weight of comparable power stations on the market, it’s not only portable but easy to be held by hand for anyone. You can easily take them with you on the go, whether you're camping, traveling, or simply moving from indoors to the backyard. The uni-body shell design is so stylish, which makes it always eye-catching as the spotlight.

FJD PONY 500 Award

Featured Highlights

As light as your laptop

Carrying a power station is no longer trouble for moms and kids. The FJD PONY 500 weighs only 7.9lb(3.6kg), even a 5-year-old child can take it easily. Never need to be stopped at one site because of the exhaustion caused by heavy burdens. Take the PONY 500, take off your free trip.

Portable Power Station

As Small As Your Lunchbox

Stay away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, the FJD PONY 500 powers your life, while leaving more space for more essentials in your backpack, camera bag, or even a handbag. 

Portable Power Station

As stylish as a model

A smooth and unibody shell with glaucous and sliver gray color matching creates a captivating visual effect that exudes sophistication, modernity and refinement. Put FJD PONY 500 power station in the living room or take it outdoors, make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd in your own way.

Best Portable Power Station

Compatible devices for outdoor and indoor use

Rack Up Your Miles with PONY 500 Now

Best Portable Power Station
Best Portable Power Station
Best Portable Power Station
Best Portable Power Station

48V DC System Pioneer, A Future Off-grid Tendency

Safety First

Best Portable Power Station

FJD PONY 500, born to solve your concerns about electricity safety, provides a secure and dependable 48V DC (Direct Current) power source, which is lower than the human body safety voltage of 60V DC. No additional voltage protection is needed.

Leading A 0-noise Revolution

Portable Power Station

Without DC to AC inverter, built-in inverter and fan, the FJD PONY 500 produces 0dB noise, keeping you focused on what you are doing. It's particularly beneficial in situations where silence is required, such as during outdoor activities, camping, reading or in residential areas.

10X Power & Capacity Expandable

One FJD PONY 500, with 500W output power and 504Wh capacity, can absolutely satisfy your demand for excursions. Travelling with your family and friends, want a longer journey? Don't worry, with only one cable2, connecting up to 10 pcs in parallel3 and expanding 10 times of power and capacity, embark on your adventure.

Best Portable Power Station

UPS For Backup

An uninterruptible power supply enables you to charge and discharge at the same time. 0ms transfer time keeps your essential devices connected, like Wifi routers, never worry about power outages. 

Best Portable Power Station

140W Fast Charging

Juice up your phone from 0-50% in just 5 minutes!4 Escape from the anxiety of running out of battery. 

Withstand Extreme Environments

Don't let the cold and hot weather keep you from going out. Take PONY 500, power your adventure.

Portable Power Station

0: Disclaimer of FJD PONY 500
1: Standard warranty is 2 years. Click here to extend it for one more year for free. 
2: The parallel cable needs to be purchased separately.
3: When using in parallel, please ensure that FJD PONY 500 power stations are discharged in a balanced manner, that is, the difference in power between each one should not exceed 15%.
4: This is the data for charging a phone that supports 100W fast charging under laboratory conditions.
5: Hot-swapping is not supported. Please turn off the FJD PONY 500 before you plug or unplug the DC box.