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Licencia de activación de tracción automática con giro en U para el kit de dirección automática FJD-ENTREGA INSTANTE

Licencia de activación de tracción automática con giro en U para el kit de dirección automática FJD-ENTREGA INSTANTE

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¡Servicio GRATIS del sistema de gestión de la granja FJD durante 1 año ahora!

FJD U-turn Auto-drive es una función de software de agricultura de precisión basada en el kit de dirección automática FJD Tractor que no requiere ninguna modificación mecánica de los tractores. Simplemente obtenga el código de activación de giro en U de licencia para iniciar la función de giro en U


* Este producto no está disponible para la venta en América Latina

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Manos libres, más productivo con el kit de autodirección FJD


FJD Autosteering Kit para el tractor es un GNSS(GPS) de alta precisión (2,5 cm) Sistema de dirección de la auto-dirección, que maximiza uso de la tierra y agricultura productividad/eficacia. Este sistema de dirección automática puede ser compatible con tractores, cosechadoras y otras máquinas agrícolas de múltiples marcas.


2,5 cm de alta precisión.Combinando tecnologías de GNSS y de RTK, este sistema auto del manejo del tractor alcanza exactitud de los 2,5 cm, y la función de la remuneración del terreno asegura alta exactitud en campos inclinados.

Uso fácil, manos libres.El kit de autodirección FJD se puede instalar fácilmente en 30 minutos, y el auto-drive de giro en U logra el manos libres en las operaciones agrícolas.

Adaptado a varias tierras de cultivo.Este autosteer tiene 3 modos de la línea de dirección: línea recta, línea de la curva, y línea del pivote. Esto lo hace disponible en varias tierras de cultivo.

Gestión perfecta de la información.Esta El sistema de dirección automática del tractor puede crear y administrar la información del campo, como el límite, el tipo de tarea y la información de las líneas de orientación. También está disponible el intercambio en línea de líneas y límites de orientación.

Amplia compatibilidad. FJD Autosteering Kit puede ser compatible con el 90% de las marcas de tractores, trasplantes de arroz, pulverizadores y cosecha, sin importar la rueda delantera, la rueda trasera o el tipo de tracción en las cuatro ruedas.

Uso fácil, agricultura más fácil

Fácil instalación en 30 minutos

Why FJD U-turn?

  • Plan_the_path_automatically - FJDynamics

    Manos libres

    The U-turn function offers optimized path planning according to different field shapes including headland closure. It can always ensure the highest percentage of the field coverage to maximize efficiency while minimizing fuel costs.

  • U-turn_Auto-drive_Activation_License_cb69487a-176e-473e-b3a9-ff13af0a1b96 - FJDynamics

    Productividad creciente

    Enables machines to turn automatically from one way to the other. The driver does not have to touch the steering wheel during the whole time.

  • Automatically_U-turn_Drive_Guide_Line_2971aa14-f54c-40d7-8826-7f71fbbfeca2 - FJDynamics

    Costo reductor

    Automatically turns the tractor through the shortest path set by the Autosteering Kit. Requires at least 30% less headland space than other brands.

  • High_Precision_2.5cm_Straight_Line_Driving_e54e2348-226c-49cc-bddb-b45ddde6764b - FJDynamics

    Mejora de las ganancias

    Enables tractors to automatically steer along a straight line with 2.5 cm accuracy. This saves your material and time as there are no skips and overlaps. Make the impossible possible.

  • Say_No_to_Overlapping_Farming_and_Material_Waste_79e372cc-8c68-4e67-94b5-d4e6381e24ac - FJDynamics

    Say No to Overlapping and Material Waste

    The FJD Autosteer Kit system remembers and saves areas that have already been worked. When planning the U-turn path, the system excludes areas that have already been worked, so there is no overlap in tillage areas and no double sowing of seeds, chemicals and fertilizers.

  • Headland_assistance_mode_to_achieve_the_most_coverage_ab868a0a-4c2e-4536-9d70-b991ea85891c - FJDynamics

    Headland Assistance Mode to Achieve the Most Coverage

    With the FJD Auto Steering kit U-turn function, the system's planned path will fix the edge of unfinished plowed lots. Every inch of land is worth it.

  • Plan_and_start_your_U-Turn_paths_anywhere_c60abfff-4c11-40f8-a040-e9fc49341a1b - FJDynamics

    Plan and Start Your U-Turn Path Anywhere

    Great flexibility in setting up a farming plan. The starting point does not have to be on the edge but anywhere you like!

  • Seamless_Recovery_of_Farming_Tasks_Anytime_2 - FJDynamics

    Seamless Recovery of Farming Tasks Anytime

    Control your own farming time! If you can’t finish your task today, just resume it tomorrow!

  • 1_Minute_Activation_Lifetime_Use - FJDynamics

    1 Minute Activation, Lifetime Use

    Activate the U-turn function in just 1 minute without any mechanical modification to the tractor. Once activated, it is for lifetime use.

Completely Hands Free Auto Drive

With the newest upgraded U-turn feature, operators can have their hands completely free no matter if they are driving along a straight line or making a U-turn. There is no longer multitasking and exhaustion.

Making Farming Faster, Easier, Better

The U-turn function makes farming faster and easier. It improves land utilization and makes planting more scientific and precise, while at the same time reducing fuel costs. Get more output with less investment and save your time and effort!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Bruno Halifax

No need to install anything, just input the code and then it'll be activated. My work at the field headland gets easier indeed.

Morton Raman

I bought it during the U-turn 7-day trial event. I just love the hands-free experience it brings. Very satisfied with the work efficiency now.

Kim Bethune
Well Done

One of my farm fellows recommended it to me, I got it at a sale price. I'm happy with the results. It can get the job well done.

Dylan Moses

TOTALLY WORTHWHILE! Works with my autosteer kit, it can optimize the path and the tractor drives more accurately and efficiently.

Nigel Snow

good service. helped me to upgrade. works well


Q1: How long does the U-turn activation code last?

There is no expiry date. Lifetime activation available.

Q2: Does the U-turn License have to be used with the FJD Autosteering Kit?

Yes, it does.

Q3: Will the U-turn function still work if I update the system version of the FJD Autosteering kit?

Yes, the U-turn function will still be available if you update your system version. The U-turn feature is only tied to your Control Terminal.

Q4: Can U-turn activation codes be used for more than one FJD Autosteering Kit?

Each FJD Autosteering kit has its own activation code. When linked to one Auto Steering kit, the activation code can no longer be used for another kit.

Q5: When will I receive the activation code after my purchase?

Our order processing is fully automated. You will receive your U-turn license key immediately after the payment.

Q6: Do activation codes come with a warranty?

Yes, U-turn activation codes are quality assured. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Q7: Can I buy U-turn from other brands for my FJD Auto Steer kit?

Sorry, the FJD Autosteer kit does not support U-turn function upgrades from other brands at this point.