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FJD PowerSec MP500 Portable Power Station 500W 519.4Wh with 10W Wireless Charging

FJD PowerSec MP500 Portable Power Station 500W 519.4Wh with 10W Wireless Charging

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Lightweight Portable 500W Power Station with Wireless Charging


The FJD PowerSec MP500 offers 500W rated power output with 6 different types of output ports. Equipped with AC power outlet, Type-C USB port, USB A port with fast charging function, DC port, cigarette lighter car port and wireless charging for cellphones and tablets. The MP500 provides ultra-quiet and more reliable power for 99% of common household appliances and electronic devices, such as rice cookers, car refrigerators, CPAP machines, etc. The triple 16-dimensional safety protection mechanism provides you with all-around security.


Multiple Output Ports for Different Devices
The FJD 500W power station provides 500W rated power output with different kinds of ports. It comes with AC outlets, Type-C USB ports, USB A ports with fast charging, DC ports and cigarette lighter car ports. And it offers cleaner, quieter, and more reliable power for 99% of common household appliances and electronic devices without interference for greatest convenience and safety.

Wireless Charging and Portable Design
Drop the phone, charge the phone. LED light with SOS mode offers light during night. Besides, the high quality LCD smart screen display shows input status, output status, and battery level indicator. This 500W power station is lightweight and comes with a sturdy handle for easy portability. And its compact design makes the 500 watt power station perfect for enjoying outdoor activities like camping and road trips.

Four Charging Modes for Charging Anytime
This 500w portable power station can be fully charged within 6-7h with an AC wall outlet. It can also be fully charged by a generator with a charging cable. When traveling by car, you can charge it with the car power supply via DC input. If you are on a camping trip, you can use solar panels to charge it in a safe and zero carbon manner via solar charging. So you can choose the solar generator portfolio or solar panel sold separately to match freely.

Large Capacity and Safe Power Output
The 500W portable power station provides a stable 500W pure sine wave AC output. And it comes with temperature protection, short circuit protection, and overcharge protection to ensure the safety. Besides, the 500 watt power station has a 520 watt-hour lithium battery pack. So you can use it to power most of your appliances and as an emergency backup power for devices like CPAP machines during power outages.

Best Power Station with Wider Applicability
FJD 500W power station supports wide applicability in your daily life. This allows it to be perfect for home backup, enjoying RV camping and road trips. And the 500w portable power stations comes with a long battery life and 1-year warranty, more adaptable in outdoors activities. With this power station, you don’t need to worry about sudden power outages.

Designed for Portability

The FJD 500W power station is portable, which size is about a and it has a solid handle to be easy to carry around. Whether you go camping or fishing on the weekend, it will be your best companion.

Multiple DC&AC Ports for Different Devices

The MP500 Power Station EU Version has 1 AC Port, 1 Type-C Port, 1 Cigarette Lighter Car Port, 3 USB A Ports, and 2 DC ports.(The US version has one more AC port.) It also has wireless charging function. Charge all your essential devices during power outages or outdoor adventures.

Power Your Devices For Continuous Service

Set Your Phone Down, Power It Up

External wireless charging for cell phones and tablets. Super flexible and convenient to get rid of the cable harness.

High Brightness LED Light with SOS Mode

Built-in 3W high brightness LED light supports 2 modes: light mode and SOS mode. Perfect to meet your outdoor lighting needs such as night camping.

Triple 16-dimensional Security Protection Mechanism

Triple 16-dimensional protection gives your MP500 Power Station the highest level of safety protection.

4 Ways to Recharge

The FJDynamics PowerSec MP500 portable power station supports AC wall outlet charging, generator charging, car charging, and solar charging with solar panels.

What’s in the Packing Box?


Item FJD MP500 Power Station
Dimension 292×202×194 mm
Net Weight 6.8 kg
Rated Power 500W
Rated Capacity 519.4 Wh
Standard Capacity 3.7V/140400mAh
Overload Protection 550±40 W
Charging Temperature 0-40℃
Working Temperature -10~40℃
AC Output 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
Cigarret Lighter Output 14V/8A
DC55*2.5 Output 14V/8A
Wireless charger 10W
USB-A fast charging output QC3.0/18W max
USB-C output PD60W
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Charging Input Voltage
Recharging input voltage 12-16V
Recharging input power 100W
AC/DC adapter AC 100~240V (50Hz/60Hz), DC 25V, 4A
Solar charge input 12-26V, DC 6A max
Car charger DC 12V, 100W max

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kelly Goldsmith
Great product

I have my FJDynamics MP500 for my small portable heater, just in case I need that.Great Product.

Willie Michelson

I used the MP500 for 2 nights on a hunting trip. Ran my portable cpap and charged my phone many times.

Mason Walker

I bought the MP500 and love it. I love its wireless charging capabilities. It's such a joy to travel without having to carry annoying charging cables. It can also be used as a lighting lamp at night.

Jack Roberts
it's a great solution

When there is a power outage or I go camping, it's a great solution, thank you!

Dylan Thompson

I'm a car camper and usually drive my car to go adventures. So I need a portable power supply for me to bring everywhere. FJD MP500 is certainly my good choice. It can chrage my iPhone iPad, camera and drone.


Q1: What devices can FJD 519Wh 500W power station power? And how long can it power?

It can power devices that operate at less than total 500W. If you would like to know how long it can power your device, you will first need to check the power consumption of your device. For example, the power consumption of your projector is 100W, then MP500 power station can power it for 519Wh*80%/100W=4.15 hours.

Q2: Can charge and discharge at the same time? What is the noise level of this power station?

Yes. The noise level of the 500w portable power stations will be less than 50dB. And normal conversation is about 60 dB.

Q3: Does this 500 watt power station include a built-in MPPT controller?

Yes, all FJD 500 watt power stations have a built-in MPPT controller.