U-turn Auto-drive Activation License for FJD Autosteering Kit

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FJD U-turn Auto-drive is a precision farming software feature based on the FJD Tractor Autosteering Kit that does not require any mechanical modification to the tractors. Simply get the License U-turn activation code to start the U-turn function.

*The product key is compatible with FJD Autosteering Kit only.

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U-turn Auto-drive License, No Mechanical Modification Requirements

U-turn Auto Steering Drive

High flexibility, no compromises. A cutting-edge precision agriculture software function that truly frees your hands!

Why FJD U-turn?

Plan_the_path_automatically - FJDynamics

Auto Path Planning

The U-turn function offers optimized path planning according to different field shapes including headland closure. It can always ensure the highest percentage of the field coverage to maximize efficiency while minimizing fuel costs.

U-turn_Auto-drive_Activation_License_cb69487a-176e-473e-b3a9-ff13af0a1b96 - FJDynamics

Automatically U-turn Drive

Enables machines to turn automatically from one way to the other. The driver does not have to touch the steering wheel during the whole time.

Automatically_U-turn_Drive_Guide_Line_2971aa14-f54c-40d7-8826-7f71fbbfeca2 - FJDynamics

Headland Areas at Least 30% Less

Automatically turns the tractor through the shortest path set by the Autosteering Kit. Requires at least 30% less headland space than other brands.

High_Precision_2.5cm_Straight_Line_Driving_e54e2348-226c-49cc-bddb-b45ddde6764b - FJDynamics

High Precision 2.5cm Straight Line Driving

Enables tractors to automatically steer along a straight line with 2.5 cm accuracy. This saves your material and time as there are no skips and overlaps. Make the impossible possible.

Say_No_to_Overlapping_Farming_and_Material_Waste_79e372cc-8c68-4e67-94b5-d4e6381e24ac - FJDynamics

Say No to Overlapping and Material Waste

The FJD Autosteer Kit system remembers and saves areas that have already been worked. When planning the U-turn path, the system excludes areas that have already been worked, so there is no overlap in tillage areas and no double sowing of seeds, chemicals and fertilizers.

Headland_assistance_mode_to_achieve_the_most_coverage_ab868a0a-4c2e-4536-9d70-b991ea85891c - FJDynamics

Headland Assistance Mode to Achieve the Most Coverage

With the FJD Auto Steering kit U-turn function, the system's planned path will fix the edge of unfinished plowed lots. Every inch of land is worth it.

Plan_and_start_your_U-Turn_paths_anywhere_c60abfff-4c11-40f8-a040-e9fc49341a1b - FJDynamics

Plan and Start Your U-Turn Path Anywhere

Great flexibility in setting up a farming plan. The starting point does not have to be on the edge but anywhere you like!

Farming Tasks

Seamless Recovery of Farming Tasks Anytime

Control your own farming time! If you can’t finish your task today, just resume it tomorrow!

1_Minute_Activation_Lifetime_Use - FJDynamics

1 Minute Activation, Lifetime Use

Activate the U-turn function in just 1 minute without any mechanical modification to the tractor. Once activated, it is for lifetime use.

Completely Hands Free Auto Drive

With the newest upgraded U-turn feature, operators can have their hands completely free no matter if they are driving along a straight line or making a U-turn. There is no longer multitasking and exhaustion.

Making Farming Faster, Easier, Better

The U-turn function makes farming faster and easier. It improves land utilization and makes planting more scientific and precise, while at the same time reducing fuel costs. Get more output with less investment and save your time and effort!

Making_Farming_Faster_Easier_Better_9bd388d7-1b4e-40d7-8f77-14da06156bc3 - FJDynamics


Customer Reviews

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Everley Lena

Good and fast, bought the U-turn activation and receive the code instantly.

Patrick Victor

More for your money. Most U-turn functions want you to pay yearly, which will add up to over $1500 per year. The FJD U-turn is really at a great price, believe me, this is the way to go.

Kim Bethune
Well Done

One of my farm fellows recommended it to me, I got it at a sale price. I'm happy with the results. It can get the job well done.

Morton Raman

I bought it during the U-turn 7-day trial event. I just love the hands-free experience it brings. Very satisfied with the work efficiency now.

Smart Function

It works well with any tractor.