FJD 500W generador solar-500W central eléctrica y 120W panel solar

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El generador solar de FJD 500W consiste en una central eléctrica MP500 y un panel solar de 120W. Cuenta con un tamaño compacto, construcción ligera y un mango incorporado para facilitar el transporte y el almacenamiento.
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Enjoy Clean Energy Anytime and Anywhere with FJD 500W Solar Generator

Want to have a reliable power supply for your outdoor adventure, camping, traveling, or home, office, emergency? Want to free yourself from off-grid restrictions and save electricity costs? If yes, take this MP500 power station and 120W solar panel combo, generate clean, renewable and low-carbon solar power anytime and anywhere!

500w solar generator

Power Up to 9 Devices at the Same Time

The 500W solar generator has 1 AC port, 1 type-c port, 1 cigarette lighter, 3 USB ports and 2 DC55*25 ports, which enable it power most devices within 500W power. It also has a wireless charging function that lets you charge your phone without cables. With the 500W solar generator, keep your devices running and stay connected with the world.

500w solar generator

Power for Indoor and Outdoor Activities

The 500W solar generator can power various devices for your indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you need to charge your laptop, TV, fan, mini fridge, CPAP machine, drone, camera, or any other device, they can handle it.

500w solar generator

Trust in Safety and Stability

You can trust the 500W solar generator to provide safe and stable power for your devices. The power station has a built-in battery management system (BMS) that protects it from potential risks. It also has a pure sine wave inverter that ensures clean power output for your sensitive devices.

500w solar generator

Portable and Foldable Design, Carry with Ease

The FJD MP500 power station and 120W solar panel are both portable and durable. The sturdy handle and foldable design make it easy to transport and store. You can take them with you wherever you go, whether it's camping, RVing, traveling, or working outdoors.

500w solar generator

Use LED Light and SOS Mode for Illumination and Emergency

The MP500 power station has three LED light modes: normal, bright, and SOS. You can switch between them by pressing the button on the side of the device. The SOS mode can send out a distress signal in case of danger or help request.

500w solar generator

Easy Installation for Your Convenience

The FJD MP500 power station and 120W solar panel are designed to be easy to install and use. You don’t need any professional skills or tools to set them up. Just connect the solar panel to the power station with a cable, start enjoying solar power in minutes!

500w solar generator

Three Ways to Charge 500W Power Station Fast

FJD MP500 power station supports three charging methods, which are solar charging, car charging and wall charging. Whether you are outdoors or at home, you can easily recharge the energy storage device. It also has a fast charging speed, charging from 0 to 80% within only 4 hours, letting you enjoy worry-free electricity anytime and anywhere.

500w solar generator

What’s in the Packing Box?

500w solar generator

Tech Specs

ItemFJD MP500 Power Station
Dimension292×202×194 mm
Net Weight6.8 kg
Rated Power500 W
Rated Capacity519.4 Wh
Standard Capacity3.7V / 140400mAh
Overload Protection550±40W
Charging Temperature0-40℃
Working Temperature-10~40℃


AC Output220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
Cigarret Lighter Output14V/8A
DC55*2.5 Output14V/8A
Wireless charger10 W
USB-A fast charging outputQC3.0/18W max
USB-C outputPD60W
Output waveformPure sine wave

Charging Input Voltage

Recharging input voltage 12-16V
Recharging input power100W
AC/DC adapterAC 100~240V (50Hz/60Hz), DC 25V, 4A
Solar charge input12-26V, DC 6A max
Car chargerDC 12V, 100W max

FJD 120W Solar Panel

Energy conversion rate ≥22%
Output power120W Max
Open circuit voltage 24.5V±5%
Working voltage19V±5%
Short circuit current 6.88A±5%
Working current6.31A±5%
Silicon typeMonocrystalline
Net weight4.6kg
Dimension520x370x50mm(folded) 1660x520x25mm (unfolded)
Working temperature -10 to 70℃

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jörg Buthmann
gute Entscheidung

dieses Set zu kaufen. Es macht genau das wofür ich es gedacht habe. Am Wohnmobil Fahrräder und Scooter aufladen. Super 👍

Kwalitatief goed functioneel product

De powerstation voelt kwalitatief hoogwaardig aan. De accu geeft voldoende en langdurig het juiste vermogen. Product één week bezit.

Miranda Lizzie
Good back up power, not extremely big or too heavy, a lot of different outputs

This has worked great for me during the black out time with the heavy rain. I was out of power for two days and this was a life saver in keeping certain things running which is great. It obviously will NOT power a big fridge but it was able to power a small cooler for a long period of time so I could keep some of my medication cold. I have also used it for other things at home use. It is a great way to store solar power if you happen to have those portable solar panels. This does the job pretty well so long as you have the correct solar panels. With the ones I have, I can get a good amount of power to utilize later and I was charging this through the day during the outage which very helpful. In terms of charging time via solar panels, it takes two days in the sun though to get this thing fully charged but I get a good amount of power from this method. Again it does work with certain solar panels that have the right output. I definitely recommend this for emergencies. This battery is lighter and smaller which makes it easier to store. It is something I could easily carry on the go although it is not the lightest. This is about the size of tool box. Because of its size, it is very easy to store and packs a good amount of power in case of emergency. This one arrived at 50 percent charge. As with any rechargeable battery, I charged it overnight to full which is what I recommend when you get this then cycle charged the battery. That being said, this is definitely a good device to have to keep a few things power during the blackouts. On a daily, I just use it for powering my laptop at night as well as my lamp. It could actually power a hotplate and lamp at night. It is a great way to stay off the grid if you are using solar panels (portable). It does have a carrying a handle so if you want to be on the go more like taking this on a camping trip you have that capability. The carrying handle is able to be put down and give you access to the wireless charging pad which is a nice add on. That is the difference on this one and many other device is the wireless charging. The charging is not fast charging on the wireless but it still charges at a decent speed. The casing is also pretty thick so you do not have to worry about it breaking or cracking. I would not recommend throwing this on the ground or dropping it regardless. It does however get easily dirty with the orange color. It also easy to notice dust build up on this color. It also gets warm while being used so do not let it stay in the sun for too long. Although it says it is a solar battery, It does not come with solar panels so unfortunately you are not going to be charging this device with the sun. If you do have solar panels however that can charge big devices like these then you can charge it that way. It does come with other cables provided to charge the device directly from the wall or your car even but not directly to your solar panel. It has a good length to the cable so you do not have to have it sitting right next to the outlet. You can use the battery while it is being charged. It does have a built in flash light on it so you can have flash light for those power outages as well. The flash light is surprisingly BRIGHT. I was actually wondering where it was and it is one the opposite side of the battery indicator screen. It is directional lighting. It has an LCD screen to show power levels down to the percentage. You have several different options including three USB QC port, one type c, three DC, and two AC ports (three prong). I normally just use one AC port for my laptop. Each piece has different power buttons to activate them in order to not drain the power. If you only need USB ports, you can do not have to turn on the AC port. It is a nice way to conserve power. There is also an LED indicator to show which part is on. The type c port is strong enough to charge my macbook but you need to make sure you have the right cable. In terms of charging, you can easily charge your tablet and phone several times over before this battery pack dies. I tried it for about two weeks and it charge my phone several times before needing to be recharged. Please note that I was using the device while it was charging so it could be more times. The fast charging did detect on my phone when I was plugged in so that was nice. I also used this to power my laptop for a few hours which is nice. I do not recommend plugging a surge protector into this to get more power ports as I do not know if it will damage it or anything. You have two plugs so you can easily plug in two different devices as needed. The plug is meant to really only power one strong device or two relatively medium size device. I would not recommend trying to use this with two hair dryers for example. This does come with ability to plug this device into your car battery to charge it as well if you need to which is a plus if you are taking this on the road with you. What is nice is that the device can be use...

John Smith
an emergency power supply ready for various occasions

I got this Portable Power Station, and let me tell you what, I am thoroughly impressed with its performance and capabilities. This power station offers a massive capacity of 519Wh, that I have more than enough power to keep my devices running during outdoor adventures, camping trips, or emergency situations.
It has multi-way recharge capability, which can easily charge it using the included AC charger, or if you're out in the wilderness, you have the option to recharge it using solar panels (not included, but I already got one) for a clean and sustainable power source. The flexibility to charge it via a car outlet is also a great feature, so I have an emergency power supply ready for various occasions.
During my testing, I found the MP500 can powering a wide range of devices. It boasts two pure sine wave AC outlets (110V, rated 500W), two DC ports, a cigarette lighter socket port, two QC3.0 USB ports, one Type-C PD port, and even a wireless charging output. This variety of ports and high power specifications make it so convenient to charge tablets, laptops, and even power larger devices like fan or air mattress pumps when you're out camping.
The built-in ultra-bright LED light is another notable feature of the MP500. In case of emergencies or power outages, this light is bright enough to illuminate the surroundings and provide a sense of security. Whether you're working in a workshop or dealing with a storm or hurricane, the MP500 ensures that you'll never be left in the dark.
Another feature about the MP500 is its pass-through charging functionality. This advanced battery management system allows power a connected device via AC or DC outputs while simultaneously recharging the power station itself. This feature is especially useful during sudden power outages, as it ensures that the devices stay powered even when the power grid fails.
This Portable Power Station is an outstanding product. With its generous capacity, multiple charging options, diverse array of ports, and reliable performance, this power station is a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and anyone looking for a reliable backup power supply during emergencies.


It can power small appliances, which have 500W max output power, such as laptops, phones, lights, fans, and small refrigerators.