Unveiling the Differences: AT2 vs AT2 PRO Auto Steer System

Auto Steer System

FJDynamics AT2 Auto Steer System has garnered positive responses from the market for its ability to streamline crop production processes. It offers precise guidance and reduces the need for manual control, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings. However, the system's signals availability in certain regions, particularly in South America, has been reported to be intermittent. To cater to these customers who require additional solutions, FJD has introduced the AT2 Pro Auto Steer System, an extension of the successful AT2 system. In this blog, we will explore the differences between AT2 and AT2 RPO and find the best solution for you.

What Is FJD AT2 PRO Auto Steer System?

FJDynamics’ AT2 Auto Steer System has revolutionized crop production, offering precise guidance and reducing the need for manual control. But what about customers in regions with limited signal availability? To address this, we’ve introducing the FJD AT2 PRO Auto Steer System.

The AT2 PRO system maintains the same centimeter-level positioning accuracy as the original AT2 system, thanks to RTX® satellite corrections provided by Trimble. The best part? It’s available globally without the need for a base station or internet connectivity, which previously limited the operating area.

Do You Need AT2 PRO Precision Agriculture Technology?

The FJD AT2 and AT2 PRO Auto Steer Systems share striking similarities in terms of design, featuring a control terminal, a GNSS receiver, and an electric steering wheel. Both systems provide precise positioning accuracy of 2.5cm using RTK signal. However, the main distinction lies in the support of additional RTX® services in the PRO version.

Auto Steer System

With the added support for RTX® services, users can enjoy a higher level of precision and stability, even in areas with limited signal availability. The advanced RTX® technology allows for uninterrupted operation, which ultimately improves overall efficiency and productivity in different agricultural applications. So, if you're looking for precision agriculture technology with a more stable signal, the AT2 PRO Auto Steer System might just be the solution you're looking for.

How Does AT2 PRO Tractor Guidance System Work for You?

AT2 PRO Tractor Guidance System, an integrated solution, seamlessly connects with RTX® service - a top-notch global satellite positioning service offering precise and reliable corrections for diverse industries. This cutting-edge technology allows users to achieve sub-inch positioning accuracy without the need for traditional base stations or RTK signal, eliminating the need for additional hardware investments and simplifying the overall installation process.

Eliminating Your Network Needs

With the freedom from network constraints, AT2 PRO Tractor Guidance System delivers real-time GNSS correction services globally via satellite or cellular/IP, ensuring widespread coverage. This feature enables farmers and others utilizing precision agriculture to take advantage of accurate positioning capabilities anytime, anywhere.

Tractor Guidance System

No More Base Stations Necessary

Unlike base station solutions and network RTK options, which often face coverage limitations, AT2 PRO offers a truly mobile experience. There's no need for a base station, allowing users to start working right away upon arrival at the site. Additionally, users don't have to worry about battery replacements or charging, as the system is designed with advanced capabilities and a streamlined design for maximum efficiency. Thus, AT2 PRO Tractor Guidance System offers a flexible, efficient, and user-friendly solution for those seeking precise positioning accuracy in a variety of agricultural and outdoor applications.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the AT2 PRO Auto Steer System provides a seamless experience for precision agriculture operations. When compared to conventional base station and network RTK signal, it becomes evident that AT2 PRO excels in convenience and global reach. Embrace this innovative technology and transform your farming procedures for enhanced outcomes. Please contact us via email if you wanna upgrade your precision agriculture technology.

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