FJD Reference Base Station

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FJD Base Station utilizes advanced RTK technology and data transmission to satisfy users’ requirements for precise positioning. This product could be mounted on FJDynamics guidance systems, such as Autosteering Kit.

It could be used as a mobile station, a reference station, and a CORS reference station, in order to set datum points in fields, to provide real-time kinematic relative positioning and network RTK service for the automation of agricultural machinery respectively.

1. Be adapted to FJD guidance systems and products.
2. Centimeter-level 3D Positioning.
3. Global Signal Coverage.
4. Channel Detection: receive more satellite signals through intelligent channel detection, and reduce user operations.
5. Quick Setup.
6. Removable Battery: Dual-battery lasts for 12h, and AC power supply supports hot plugging. The battery can be replaced without powering off, in order to ensure continuous operation.