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FJD MP2000 Portable Power Station 2000W 2264Wh

FJD MP2000 Portable Power Station 2000W 2264Wh

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2264Wh 2000 Watt Portable Power Station for Home Backup Power and All Off-grid Needs

Great Power, Always Ready

FJDynamics MP2000 is always ready to power your life, whether it's a power outage or an outdoor adventure.

Multiple DC & AC Ports for Different Devices

The MP500 Power Station EU Version has 1 AC Port, 1 Type-C Port, 1 Cigarette Lighter Car Port, 3 USB A Ports, and 2 DC ports.(The US version has one more AC port.) It also has wireless charging function. Charge all your essential devices during power outages or outdoor adventures.

Power Up Almost Anything, Anywhere

Satisfy all your off-grid needs, and power up 99% of appliances no matter for home emergency use, outdoor trips, or professional work, etc.

Constant Power Supply, Switch in < 10ms

Continuous power supply using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Switching time within 10ms, compared to the industry's average of 20ms.

Charging up to 12 Devices Simultaneously

The power station comes with all the ports you need to charge your devices and appliances. It supports charging up to 12 devices simultaneously. All your devices powered by 1 powerhouse.

Easy to Connect Solar Panels

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Tech Specs

ItemFJDynamics MP2000 Power Station
Dimension463×369×262 mm (Add the total length of handles: 574mm)
Net Weight27 kg
Rated Power2000W
Rated Capacity 2264 Wh
Standard Capacity3.7V/612000mAh
Overload Protection2100±80W
Charging Temperature0-40℃
Working Temperature-15~45℃
BatteryAutomotive battery, recharging independetly
Waterproof LevelIP54 (Battery Pack)
Frequency Switch MethodAuto (50/60Hz) / Manual
Recharge Ways1200W Rated Wall Outlet 2h/
66W Max Car Oulet 36h/
600W Max PV Output 4-5h/
Electric Generator Output (rated power up to 1700W, non-loaded)


AC Output110V±10%, 50/60Hz, 220V±10%/50Hz (Offline UPS)
USB OutputQC 3.0/18W
Type-C OutputPD 60W
Cigarret Lighter Output12V/8A
DC55*2.5 Output12V/4A
Total Output Power of Cigarret Lighter and DC55*2.510A (max)
Output waveformPure sine wave

Charging Input Voltage

US 96-130V (Can charge products directly)
EU200-260V (Can charge products directly)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jim Brown

I have suffered a lot during freezing. So, I ordered an MP2000 this year to run my house appliances and keep me warm. It is quiet and charges quickly, which is important to me.

Elias Lange

I have been using the FJD MP2000 for many days now. This is a great product. It can also be used with solar panels and FJD X2800iE generator. Overall, I am satisfied with the performance of this product.

Carey Benson
Recommends it

My neighbor Ellen has one of these. She recommends it to me. And I bought one, good.

Samuel Gattermayr

2 hours fast charging, perfect for me!


The portable FJDynamics power station can charge or power devices that operate at less than 2000W. Compatible with 99% of appliances that require less than 2000W input such as microwaves, electric grills, coffee makers, mini-refrigerators, projectors, and even your heavy-duty power tools, and more.