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V1t GNSS RTK Rover

V1t GNSS RTK Rover

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  • CM - Level Accuracy: It ensures accurate measurement data for each location. You can maximize your productivity and reduce errors in your work.
  • IMU Module: Provides tilt measurement and supports max tilt angle 60 degrees.
  • Stable Multi-constellation Coverage: With compatibility to multiple GNSS constellations,GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS, SBAS, IRNSS, L-band. 965 channels.
  • Lightweight & Durable: IP67. It can endure tough weather elements, providing you with dependable performance in any fieldwork situation and easy to carry around all day.
  • Versatile Applications: The RTK Rover can be easily deployed for various mapping projects like topographic surveys, cadastral mapping, 3D modeling, and Geographic Information System (GIS) data collection, among others, thanks to its adaptability and precision.
  • Long-lasting Battery Life: Rover mode can be up to 15hrs. Its long battery life ensures that you can complete your work without having to worry about frequent recharging, minimizing downtime during critical projects.
  • Multi Work Mode: Support radio, Ntrip multiple ways to get RTK signal.
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Discover CM-level High Accuracy

With CM-level precision, the GNSS RTK Rover ensures that your measurements and data collection are exceptionally accurate, greatly reducing the margin of error in your surveying projects. This level of detail allows for more informed decision-making, as well as increased confidence in your results.

Upgrade Your Measuring Experience with IMU Technology

Effortlessly Obtain Tilt Measurements and Save Valuable Time and Resources. Say Goodbye to Manual Leveling and Additional Equipment. Enjoy Uninterrupted, High-Precision Data Collection on Varied Terrain It supports a tilt range of up to 60 degrees, with an accuracy of 2.5cm at 30 degrees.

Master Your Measurements with Field Controller E200

Field Controller E200 with stunning 5" high brightness display. IP67-rated, you can easily use it on rainy days. Enjoy seamless connectivity with SIM card support, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth features. Navigate effortlessly through its smooth Android operating system and Trion Survey software, delivering outstanding measurement outcomes and an extraordinary user experience.

Master Every Industry with Your All-in-One Measurement Solution

Boost your performance across multiple industries with the GNSS RTK Rover, a versatile and highly precise tool for diverse applications. Tackle road construction, digital machinery, resource exploration, engineering monitoring, precision agriculture, and marine projects effortlessly. The RTK Rover is your ultimate solution for all your measurement needs, delivering high accuracy and reliability.

Multi Work Mode-Achieve RTK Signal Access with Ease

Featuring various work modes - Radio and NTRIP - for smooth RTK signal access. Use radio mode with our V1 RTK Base Station for a maximum 8km coverage with ideal condition. Or, connect via NTRIP with a complimentary or premium account to suit your requirements.


Q1: What is the accuracy of the V1t tilt measurement? What is the maximum angle that can be supported?

Ideally, no less than 10mm + 0.7mm/degree, and up to 60 degrees. In practice, the accuracy is around 2.5cm at a tilt of 30 degrees, so a tilt of roughly 30 degrees is sufficient for use.

Q2: Can V1t GNSS RTK Rover work with other brands of base stations?

When connecting to other brands of base stations, you need to pay attention to the radio protocol and differential data format, please provide the specific model or parameter information of your other brand of base stations, and our engineers will help you to determine.

Q3: What are the protocols of V1t GNSS RTK Rover built-in radio and what is the operating range?

The V1t can support TRIMTALK, TRIMMARKIII, TT450S, TRANSEOTS, atel 3AS 4FSK; under ideal conditions the radio can work up to 8km, under normal conditions, about 5km, in case of external interference factors, the working distance may be about 2-3km, the specific use effect is related to external interference factors. The specific use effect is related to the external interference factor.

Q4: Can the V1t GNSS RTK Rover's battery be replaced? What is the battery capacity?

The V1t's battery is not replaceable, with a capacity of 6700mAh, the station can last up to 15h under normal conditions.

Q5: Can I insert a SIM card into the V1t? How do I connect to the Ntrip?

The V1t GNSS receiver does not allow the insertion of a SIM card. The E200 controller can be connected to Ntrip using the controller network by inserting a SIM card or connecting to WiFi.