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FJD Trion Model Point Cloud Processing Software

FJD Trion Model Point Cloud Processing Software

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Experience easy point cloud data manipulation and analysis with FJD Trion Model, featuring a user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms. The software provides an all-in-one solution with integrated modules for forestry, drawing, and robot mapping, streamlining the data import and analysis process. Choose FJD Trion Model for versatile, efficient, and high-level integration point cloud processing.

*The product key is compatible with FJD Trion 3D Lidar Scanner only.

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FJD Trion Model Processing Software, Make Point Cloud Easy to Use


With user-friendly interface and leading algorithm, FJD Tion Model provides easy point cloud data manipulation and analysis. Intergrated with forestry module, drawing module and robot mapping module. Model streamlines the data import and analysis process, making it a one-stop-shop solution. Looking for a versatile, efficient, and high level integration point cloud processing software? Model will be your perfect choice!


Supports various data sources. FJD Trion Model supports data collected from handheld scanners, static scanners, airborne lidars, and autonomous vehicles, and supports popular point cloud data formats, such as LAS, PLY, PTS, and E57.

All-in-One Solution. In addition to basic point cloud processing, point cloud colorization and georeferencing capabilities, FJD Trion Model also intergrates various industry-specific applications, such as urban plan, forestry, mining and robot mapping.

Point Cloud Rendering. With full attribute point cloud rendering such as intensity, elevation and GPS time, point cloud is simple and easy to understand.

One-click Correction for Point Cloud Tiltion

Profile Analysis to Evaluate the Quality of Point Cloud Data

Auto Classification for Multiple Applications

Support Stockpile & Enclosed Volume Calculation

Auto Contour Extraction with A Click

Forestry Parameters Extraction to Create Reports


FunctionBasic VersionPro Version
Point Cloud Mapping
SOR Filter
Point Cloud Registration
Coordinate Translation
Point Cloud Colorization
RTK-based Registration
Accuracy Verification
Profile Analysis
Clip By Path
Classification(Indoor, Outdoor, Floor, Manual)
Triangular Mesh(TIN, Surface Triangular Mesh, Fill Holes)
Volume Calculation(Enclosed Volume, Grids Volume)
Clipping Box
Point Display(Elevation, Intensity, Time, Classification)
Slice Plane×
Drawing Management×
Extract Contours×
Graphic Drawing(Polyline, Arc, Three-point Rectangle)×
Extract Ground Point×
Segment By Tree×
Property Calculation×


Q1: How to install FJD Trion Model?

Unzip the installation package and double-click the installer to follow the instructions.

Q2: How to activate FJD Trion Model?

You can activate it by activation code or dongle based on your actual needs. Go to the License setting window, choose Activation code to activate by activation code, or choose Encryption Lock to activate by encryption lock.

Q3: How to access User Manual?

The user manual is embedded in FJD Trion Model, and you can search this manual for specific operations.
Click Help, and select Manual in the drop-down list.

Q4: What operating system does FJD Trion Model support?

Windows 7 or above (Windows 11 recommended)

Q5: What's the configuration requirement?

Recommended configuration:
Processor: Intel® CoreTM i7-10700 CPU @ 2.90 GHz (or an AMD CPU with equal performance)
Memory: 32 GB
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti 4G
Hard disk drive: 64 GB
Screen resolution: 1680 × 1050 or above
Dot matrix, inkjet, and laser printers
Minimum configuration:
Processor: Intel® Core TM i5-2300 CPU @ 3.10 GHz (or an AMD CPU with equal performance) or above
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics card: Graphics 630
Hard disk drive: 32 GB
Screen resolution: 1680 × 1050 or above
Dot matrix, inkjet, and laser printers

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