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FJD Tractor Autosteering Kit

FJD Tractor Autosteering Kit

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Unmatched Precision & Adaptability: FJD Autosteering Kit guides tractors with extraordinary centimeter-level precision along 4 types of guidelines (A+ line, straight line, curve, and pivot modes) while offering compatibility with 90% of brands and vehicle models, ensuring seamless integration in diverse agricultural applications.

Smart Navigation & Efficient U-Turns: With 2 U-turns to choose from, including boundary-based, automated Smart U-Turn for at least 30% headland area reduction than other brands in the industry, and intuitive one-click Basic U-Turn features, FJD Autosteering Kit delivers top-tier navigation, transforming your farming experience.

Affordable High-End Quality: Experience the high-end quality equivalent at only half the price. The FJD Autosteering Kit ensures exceptional performance and precision without compromising on affordability, making it an attractive investment.

Streamlined ISOBUS Connectivity: The plug-and-play ISOBUS Universal Terminal enables smooth interfacing with any compatible implements, enhancing equipment interoperability and overall operational efficiency, perfect for overcoming technical compatibility concerns.

Enhanced Productivity & Sustainable Farming: Harness FJD Autosteering Kit's intelligent control units, sensors, and GPS technology to optimize every aspect of agriculture, from planting to harvesting. Boost productivity while embracing environmentally responsible practices.

Dedicated Customer Support: FJD Autosteering Kit comes with responsive customer service and reliable technical support, addressing concerns about system maintenance, updates, or repairs. Invest with confidence and enjoy a seamless, worry-free farming experience.

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FREE FJD Connect Farm Management Platform for 1 YEAR Now!

*For regions unable to place an order, please contact us for help.

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Revolutionize Your Farming Journey: FJD Tractor Autosteering Kit - Precision & Innovation Combined


FJD Tractor Autosteering Kit is ingeniously designed to guide tractors and agricultural machinery along straight, curved, pivot, and A+ lines with unmatched ease. This state-of-the-art solution harmonizes sensors, GPS technology, and intelligent control units to deliver extraordinary centimeter-level precision, seamlessly transforming every aspect of farming – from planting and cultivating to fertilizing and harvesting. Embrace innovation and redefine what's possible in agriculture.

This auto steer system can be compatible with 90% of brands and tractor models, harvesters, and other agricultural machinery.

Enhance Productivity Throughout Farming Seasons

4 Guidance Line Modes for a Variety of Different Field Shapes

The A+ line model is the easiest way to keep all operations neat and tidy. Instead of driving the tractor from point A to point B to create an AB line, it is simpler to use A+ line mode. A straight line with an angle from the original point A can be achieved in place for driving.

2 U-Turn modes bring a more comfortable turning experience

The Smart U-Turn is a feature that supports the FJD Autosteering Kit to control the auto-turning of the tractor in the field. By calculating the most suitable path for the tractor to turn and executing it, it effectively reduces overlaps and skips. Meanwhile, it generates driving paths automatically in relatively flat and regular fields, auto-drives and auto-closes the field headland. These functions ensure the highest percentage of field coverage, thus maximizing efficiency and minimizing fuel costs.

2.5cm_high_precision - FJDynamics

2.5cm High Accuracy

Always on the Right Track

Supporting straight line, curve, A+ line and pivot modes. Always following the pattern you set with 2.5cm high accuracy.

good_software_interface - FJDynamics

User-friendly Interface

All task information a glance away

This Tractor Autosteering Kit has a good software interface, which completely simulates the actual scene. What you see on the screen is real operation status, including the size of the field, worked area, real-time speed, and the current guidance line.

FJD_FMS - FJDynamics

FJD Connect Farm Management Platform

Easy-to-use coordination platform got you covered

Free use of FJD Connect Farm Management Platform for one year. Remotely view and manage multiple farm machinery on your phone or computer, and keep track of the production throughout the entire farming season.

GIS_information_import__export - FJDynamics

GIS Information Import/Export

Easy Data Transfer Between Kits

This Tractor Autosteering Kit supports SHP/SHX/DBF, ISOXML format GIS information import and export.

ISOBUS control

ISOBUS Universal Terminal

Easier implement switches during field farming

The Universal Terminal is a plug-and-play user interface for any ISOBUS-compatible implements. It switches implements through clickes and visualizes data, thus to monitor and control equipment from 7 mainstream machinery brands. Field task just got easier for farmers.

*ISOBUS function needs to be purchased separately. The specific supported models need to be consulted with customer service.


What's in the box?

FJD Tractor Autosteering Kit main parts list as below.

Learn about The Kit in 1 Min

They Love Us!

Hear it from the best about FJDynamics Autosteering Kit.

“ I can see where farmers can really utilize this equipment.
FJD Autosteering Kit is the pioneer autonomous driving system in the world, which can be installed onto agri-vehicles to have a straight driving assistance and can be upgraded to autonomous driving.  ” 

Our Wyoming Life

“You will save on seeds and you will have sown properly. ”


This Autosteering Kit is exceptional value for money!
A new atumatic GPS + RTK assistance guide for my tractor !” 

The Italian Farmer

FJD Autosteering Kit SPECs

Electric Steering Wheel
Electric Steering Wheel Maximum Torque 45 N·m
Power Input 12/24 VDC
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃
Storage Temperature -55℃ ~ 85℃
Display & Control Terminal
Display & Control Terminal Size 300 x 190 x 43 mm
Screen 10.1-inch LCD Screen with LED Backlight
Power Supply 10 V - 30 V
Network Module 4G. Compatible with 2G/3G
Pixel 1280 x 800 pixels
Waterproof and Dustproof IP65
Operating Temperature -30℃ ~ 75℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
HMI System Android-based, 26 languages supported, online after-service support and OTA.
GNSS Antenna
GNSS Antenna Frequency GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2, BDS B1/B2/B3
Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
Storage Temperature -55℃ ~ 85℃


What does your price entail?

The Autosteering Kit price includes the Autosteering Kit( Electronic Steering Wheel+Wheel Anger Sensor+Control Terminal+GNSS Antennas+Radio& 4G Antennas + IMU+ Accessories required for installation) + 1 Year Free Trial for the FJD Connect Platform + 2 Years Warranty + Shipping Fee + Taxes.

What is the accuracy of the Autosteering Kit?

To get centimeter-level high-precision:
It is ±2.5cm/1-inch accuracy with your nearby Ntrip service which maybe free or need to pay a subscription fee. You could also purchase an FJDynamics RTK Base Station to receive the RTK signal to achieve centimeter-level high-precision.
For normal accuracy:
The FJD autosteering kit supports the SBAS and if without the RTK signal, it supports 30-40cm accuracy.

What is the price of the Ntrip Service?

Our Autosteering kit could get signals from nearby RTK stations (NTRIP providers), the Ntrip service annual price is based on your local NTRIP providers. Maybe it is free, or the annual fee is around $1,000-$1,500.

If I need to pay something extra?

Extra payments would include the U-Turn Activation License and FJD Connect Platform subscriptions, which are optional but add significant value to our autosteering product.

How many main parts contain in your autosteering kit?

There are 4 main parts and 3 auxiliary parts.
4 main parts: Control Terminal, Electric Steering Wheel, IMU module, GNSS Antennas;
3 auxiliary parts: Attitude Angle Sensor, 4G Antenna, Radio Antenna; Connection cables.

Can the autosteer system be used on the older tractor?

Yes, our autosteering kit is compatible with 800 Versatile produced in the 1970s. If you are not sure, you can contact our customer service and send the tractor model, we will reply in time.

Does the autosteer system have to be connected to the hydraulic system?

No, the system uses a high-torque electric steering wheel and two GNSS antennas to deliver sub 2.5cm accuracy to your tractor!

Does the autosteer need a portable antenna/ base station in the field?

If you don't have an NTRIP provider in your area, you will need one. We also offer our FJDynamics base station.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, please refer to FJDynamics Autosteering Kit Warranty Policy.
2 years for main parts, like Control Terminal, IMU, Steering Motor, GNSS Antenna, Angle sensor module;
1 year for complete machines.
1 year for auxiliary parts and cables, like 4G Antenna and connection cables.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Easy to use

Easy to use easy to set up. After sales support was prompt and helpful. Just be aware that there is no returns on anything after 30 days and the base station is selective to types of land you are farming. i.e hilly with trees or nice flat site lines. It grabs the ab line quickly and steers accurately

Joel Ramirez
Excellent product support

The product works as described, but sometimes there is a detail missing or something goes a little bit off. That’s when the product support really shine. There’s a team 24/7 dedicated to help you solve any issue that may occur.

For the price, the autosteer kit it’s really good

Fj dynamics

Crappy system. Runs for about two hours then quits. If you use the mapping and auto steer together it quits almost right away.

Hale Sam
Love this product!

Love,really love this product! I own a small farm And I am trying to grow and this product makes it possible for me to do everything faster and more efficiently. It's affordable to me and easy to use. Awesome system!

Justin Evans

Great easy-to-read screen and the customizable options. GOOD tool for anyone who values efficiency over cost.