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FJD V1 Base Station

FJD V1 Base Station

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A portable GNSS RTK receiver providing fast and accurate positioning and easy-to-use features.
  • Lifetime Access to RTK Signals
  • 5km Work Range on Average
  • CM-level Accuracy
  • 10H Battery Life
  • Smart-APP Control
  • IP67 Standard, 1.5m Drop-test
  • Applicable to Multipe Scenarios
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CM-level Accurate RTK Signals

The FJD V1 Base Station supports a total of 965 channels including GPS, BDS-2, BDS-3, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, SBAS, IRNSS and L-band. The extensive satellite coverage ensures centimeter-level positioning accuracy allowing your anytime, anywhere positioning needs to be easily met.

Whether you are planting, harvesting or engineering surveying, say goodbye to unstable RTK.

Stable Signals: Always-on and Free of Charge

When there is no NTRIP signal coverage or unstable signal in your area, you can still achieve high precision field work with the FJD V1 base station. You don't need to pay any subscription fee.
In general, the RTK signal of the v1 base station can cover a 5km radius. Stable and uninterrupted signal transmission even in challenging environments.

Control, but Smartly

FJD V1 Base Station supports smart APP control by our Terra Assistant. It aims to provide you with the most accessible user experience with its straightforward set process and clean interface.

With the APP, you can simultaneously make your control more convenient and your preferences more customized by functions such as coordinating base settings and defining radio frequency.
- Download for Android devices only

Enjoy the Boundless Farming

10h battery life ensures continuous operation, while paired with an FJD PONY500 Portable Power Station, you can unlock an astounding battery life of 80 hours. With our craftsmanship of accuracy, stability, and durability, we are confident in assuring your worry-free and effective farming experience across different expansive fields with invariably optimal performance.

Make Position More Accurate by Setting Known Points

By simply turning on ‘fixed position’ on the software, you are setting the coordinates of known points. This simple step can further level up your working accuracy. It ensures that the V1 Base Station is in the same position in each set-up process, by which the operation deviations could be alleviated to the largest extent.

Diverse Scenarios Applicable, Multiple Products Compatible

FJD V1 Base Station, with its strong surveying and mapping capacity, is also applicable to a wide range of fields such as Precision Agriculture, Geospatial, and Digital Construction projects.

Stable differential services are delivered meanwhile, making the Base Station flexibly adapt to mainstream product lines including agricultural machinery navigation kits, lawn mower navigation kits, land levelers, and digital construction systems for engineering machinery.


Q1: What areas could V1 Base Station be applied to?

V1 Base Station is divided into a 400M version (For North America and Japan) and a 900M version (for Europe, Africa, Asia and other regions).

Q2: What is the battery life of the V1 Base Station?

The battery life of the V1 Base Station is 10 hours. Our PONY 500 Portable Power Station could supply an additional 80-hour battery life to the base station. With solar panels to further power up the PONY500, the base station can achieve 24/7 continuous operation.

Q3: How to set up V1 Base Station?

You can set up your V1 Base Station using our APP: RTK Assistant, through which you can set in-built radio protocols, frequencies, and Baud rates. You can also use the ‘known points’ function to alleviate tractor’s deviation.

Q4: Is the battery of the V1 Base Station removable?

No. FJD V1 Base Station has a built-in lithium battery with a high capacity of 6700mAh. Its built-in feature is designed for saving inner space of the receiver, which both enables the installation of more batteries and makes it lightweight and easier for use. If you need longer battery life, you can consider buying a FJD PONY 500 Portable Power Station.

Customer Reviews

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Lance J Hernandez
Unmatched Precision in Agriculture

Incorporating the V1 base station into my farming methods has resulted in exceptional accuracy, proving to be a valuable and worthwhile investment for my agricultural endeavors.

Peak Performance Made Easy

With the V1 base station, achieving top-notch efficiency and accuracy in my farming operations has never been simpler. The one-time purchase cost is the only expense, making it a valuable addition to my farm.

Subscription-Free Efficiency

The V1 base station delivers accurate and dependable data, enhancing my agricultural productivity without the burden of annual subscription fees, making it a truly cost-effective solution.

Essential Farming Tool

The consistency and precision of the V1 base station have made it an indispensable part of my farming operations, contributing to better overall results.

Game Changer for Farming

The V1 base station has transformed my farming experience with its unparalleled accuracy and stable signal, all without any subscription fees, making it an economical and wise choice for my agricultural needs.