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FJD Easydig Excavator Guidance System

FJD Easydig Excavator Guidance System

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Easy Work with Easydig


FJD Easydig is a wireless excavator guidance system with centimeter accuracy. It is so easy to use that even novices can start to use it quickly. The system saves 35% time, 35% diesel, and 67.5% labor cost. Besides, it ensures free and high-precision operations within a diameter of 800m.


  • Centimeter Accuracy: Its centimeter accuracy lets you know the exact position of the bucket teeth. So you can avoid over/under-digging and cut slopes to the grade you want.
  • Tilt-bucket Supported: FJD Easydig Excavator Guidance System supports tilt-bucket operations. Thus, it can control tilt-bucket excavator jobs.
  • Wireless Modules: Smart wireless sensors of the system precisely detect the height of the excavator. They can be easily removed and installed on another excavator using a snap-on/off switch.
  • Beginner Friendly: Laser calibration is provided for this system. Therefore, even beginners are able to calibrate it in less than 30 minutes.
  • Interface Customization: There are 4 view modes and 8 perspectives. Thus, you can choose 3 to 4 perspectives you want to see and focus on them at a glance.

Centimeter Accuracy

Our sensors can be mounted on the boom, stick, bucket, and body of the excavator, collecting real-time positioning data by built-in high-precision algorithms. With the Easydig system, the operation can be accurate to the centimeter level.

Interface Customization

FJD Easydig comes with interface customization as the HMI system. It offers 8 perspectives and 4 interface view modes. Thus, you can freely combine these perspectives and modes to present according to your working habits and needs.

Solar Charging Wireless Attitude Sensors

The wireless sensors of FJD Easydig Excavator Guidance System are durable with a very long battery life of 100 hours. In addition, they support solar charging, so you can charge them directly in the sunlight. No need to remove the sensor to charge frequently.


FJD Easydig is available in multiple scenarios. For instance, roads, trenches, residential projects & foundations, swimming pools & parking lots, and more.


It comes with wide compatibility, thus working well with a variety of excavator brands.

Installation Guide

The system is easy to install. In just 30 minutes, one person can install the Bluetooth sensor with one tap.