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FJD PowerSec 90 V Mount Battery (95Wh Power Capacity)

FJD PowerSec 90 V Mount Battery (95Wh Power Capacity)

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  • Palm-size with Maximum Power: 4.17*2.83*2.04 inches, and lightweight, only 1.22 lbs. It boasts a rugged and minimalist design and features sturdy casing. Providing 6700mAh of power (95Wh/14.4V). It is ideal for photographers, videographers, and filmmakers who need a portable solution for on-the-go shooting.
  • Simple yet Sleek: FJD PowerSec 90 is a compact battery designed for professional photography partners. It features a bi-directional Type-C port (65W), a D-tap port for input (16.8V/5A) and output (14.4V/10A), and a BP port. PowerSec 90 supports simultaneous charging of multiple devices.
  • 7 Safety Protection Systems: Built-in battery protection, offering 7 safety protection systems, against short circuits, overheating, overcurrent, overcharging, over-discharging, etc, which ensures exceptional durability and optimal efficiency. Moreover, PowerSec 90 boasts low power consumption during standby, making it an energy-efficient choice.
  • Tough Enough for More Filming Environment: The FJD PowerSec 90 is designed to withstand harsh shooting environments and can function in a temperature range of -20℃ to 50℃。 It is suitable for outdoor shooting, movie making, short film shooting, self-driving camping shooting, aerial photography, mapping, and overhauling, emergency power preparation, and mobile office applications. The device can also be carried on an airplane.

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Power Your Photography Equipment

Our batteries are suitable for a wide range of popular devices, including Sony FDR-AX700 FX6, Panasonic HC-V180K, Canon VIXIA HF R800, JVC GZ-RY980HUS, SmallHD 702 Touch, Cine 7, Ninja V, Shogun 7, TVLogic VFM-055A, F-7H, AL-M9, Godox LEDP120C, and more. If your device is not listed, please compare the product specifications to check if it is applicable or contact our customer service for more information.

  • fjd powersec 90

    Standard V-Mount Lock

    To meet the backup power demands of photographers and filmmakers, FJDynamics PowerSec 90 best V mount battery features a high capacity of 95Wh/14.4V.

  • fjd powersec 90

    D-Tap In&Out

    FJDynamics PowerSec 90 mini V mount battery features a Bi-directional D tap battery port

    (Input:16.8V/5A, Output:14.4V/10A)

  • fjd powersec 90

    Main BP Interface

    PowerSec 90 V mount battery can be used for all kinds of cameras, camcorders, and lights.

  • fjd powersec 90

    Type-C in&out

    The Bi-directional Type-C(65W fast charging) port makes it possible to meet even daily power needs.

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ProductFJD PowerSec 90
Capacity95Wh 6.7Ah
V Mount / D-TAP Input &OutputV Mount/ D-TAP Input: 5A, 16.8V , V Mount/ D-TAP Output: 10A, 14.4V
Rated PowerDischarge: 65W, Charge: 65W
Discharge/cut-off voltage10V-12V
USB-C Input/OutputInput 65W (Max) Supports PD3.0 , Output 65W (Max) Supports PD,PPS,QC2.0,QC3.0,DCP1.5A
Optional Charging Method16.8V D-TAP charger, USB-C charger such as GaN charger with PD fast charging tech (up to 65W) , Included aGaN foldable adapter and a 65W USB-C cable.
Working temperature-20℃ to 50℃
Reference storage temp.& hum.Temperature: 23±5℃, Humidity: 65±20%
Battery TypeLithium-ion battery
CertificationsUN 38.3, CE, CB, FCC, VCCI
Product Dimensions
4.17*2.83*2.04 inches ( 10.5*7.1*5.1 cm), 1.22 lbs ( 555g)

NOTE1: The battery can discharge within a temperature range of -20°C to 50°C for optimal performance, it is recommended to use the battery within a temperature range of -10°C to 40°C. When the battery current or temperature becomes abnormal, the battery will automatically protect and shut off the output. Please remove the battery and leave it for about 60 seconds.

 Proper methods of using the same V-Mount battery to power BMPCC and monitor :1. To correctly power up the monitor, firstly, connect the PS90 to the monitor, then connect the PS90 to BMPCC, and finally, connect the HDMI cable. power off the monitor, first, disconnect the HDMI cable, then disconnect the PS90 from BMPCC, and disconnect the PS90 from the monitor. 2. Use a power cord with a shielding feature. 3. Use an SDI isolator, such as an SDI isolation cable.


Wider Range of Photographic Scenarios and Needs

About FJDynamics

FJDynamics is a robotics company focusing on digitization, automation and new energy. At present, our technology has been widely applied across precision agriculture, digital construction, geospatial, electrical, etc. The company has R&D and operation centers in Singapore, U.S., Sweden, mainland China and Hong Kong. 

The FJD PowerSec 90 V Mount battery was originally designed to power the cameras of our professional-grade 3D scanners in our geospatial product line. Recognizing its versatility and compatibility with other photography and videography equipment, we decided to mass-produce this accessory as a standalone product. Our goal is to provide the film and television industry with reliable power solutions using our professional-grade power supply equipment. Experience the difference with the PowerSec 90 V-mount battery, tailored to fuel your creative vision.

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Customer Reviews

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alberto l rodriguez
this is a beast I love it.

ok this charges quick and it give you hours and hours of video time this bad boy it tough. worth it for sure. multiple ways to charge the battery and multiple ways for you to connect things to it. win win for me.

Tamiko Jordan
Great Value and Very Useful

At my organization, we do a lot of video recording, so I thought this battery would be a great backup. We have run out of power before completing a shoot or during an event. My IT guy tells me it works well even in the high heat, which we have had a lot of lately. It is easy to use and very energy efficient as it goes into battery-saving mode if not in use...a feature I love. The price was reasonable.

Rob M.
Decent V-mount battery, nice case design, USB-C charger and cable included.

Decent V-mount battery which has a USB-C port for charging which most of the more recent V-mounts are now coming with. Because of its USB-C charging capability, you don't have to carry a dedicated charger with you. A simple 65w wall adapter is all that's needed.

And I'm happy that it came with its own 65W wall adapter and USB-C charging cord as many of the V-mounts sold today don't include them.

The one negative is the limited number of ports, with only one D-tap and one USB-C.

The battery's exterior design also looks pretty cool when mounted on a rig as compared to other brands with a boring smooth surface or others with large distracting logos.

light weight yet powerful v mount battery

Handy v-mount battery that comes as light-weight and stylish.

The 65W PD input/output usb-c port is very helpful that not only saves you a v mount battery charger but it can also be used to charge the camera to save a D-tap port.

On the ports side, other than the PD usb-c port, there is only one D-tap port which is few. However, it's fine if running with a light rig since you can use the usb-c port to charge the camera and then use the D-tap port to charge the monitor/recorder.

Overall a very good V-mount battery that gets the job done. Hope there is one more output D-tap port then you can get rid of the additional battery plate.

Gerald Bertram
Ok small v-mount battery but with limited ports

This is pretty much like all v-mount batteries at this price point. One positive here is that the USB C port is a Power Delivery port so you can power some more of the power hungry devices out there. This also means you can charge via USB C so you don't need a specific v-mount battery charger or power cord with a d-tap end. One the other hand you only get that single USB port and the d-tap port. I've used other batteries with the same capacity at the same price but had other ports like a USB A port. The led light indicator is nice but for $200 I think there really out to be an actual LED screen with battery life percentage.