FJD Trion S1 Portable 3D LiDAR Scanner

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Explore a New Way to SEE the World

Powered by a leading SLAM algorithm, the S1 builds your reality as you scan.

3d lidar scanner

Advanced Option

Elevate your scanning capabilities with FJD Trion S1 Pro, an advanced version of S1 3D LiDAR Scanner . Building upon the lightweight and portable design of S1, the S1 Pro delivers even greater accuracy and efficiency with its upgraded hardware.

3d lidar scanner

Ready, Set, Scan

Reliable Accuracy

Scan a 100 m²/1,000 sq ft area in just 2 minutes, and achieve 2 cm of relative accuracy with post-processed reconstruction models.
*Tested in experimental environment

Long-Range Measurement

Featuring a built-in LiDAR 3D scanning technology, the S1 allows you to capture precise measurements of complex objects and shapes in various dimensions and generate 3D models in one scan.

Complete Point Cloud Solution

FJD Trion Scan

Real-time point cloud visualization software

Enhance your scanning experience with the FJD Trion Scan software. This real-time visualization tool can help you monitor the scanning process thus ensure a complete data capture in one scan.


FJD Trion Model

Point cloud processing software

FJD Trion Model is a PC-based point cloud processing solution that enables denoising, colorization, and classification. Industry-specific modules empower quick and seamless results for like floor plan generation for construction, volume calculation for tunnels, and tree segmentation for forestry.

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Dual Battery for Non-stop Missions

With its hot-swappable dual batteries, the S1 3D Handheld LiDAR Scanner ensures uninterrupted power supply. Get 4 hours of work with both batteries.

Explore Multiple Configurations

Use FJD Trion S1 3D LiDAR Scanner in indoor, outdoor and underground environments, even in the sky with drones, as it is lightweight and portable.







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Car & Ship

Accessories to Expand Your Capabilities


This optional add-on panoramic camera provides RGB and texture information to your point clouds and mesh, so you can bring more reality to life.

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Application Scenarios

The S1 3D Handheld LiDAR Scanner is designed for both indoor and outdoor scanning, making it perfect for a wide range of scenarios.

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Product Guides

1. Product Brochure

Please explore our Trion S1 brochure to get an in-depth understanding of our product features and capabilities.


2. Quick Start Up Video

Wanna know how to use Trion Scanner S1 3D Handheld LiDAR Scanner? Please check our video guide below.

Data Support

1. Builds Your Reality As You Scan

Build a highly accurate 3D model within minutes, explore a new way to scan the world.


2. User Cases

Seamlessly transition between different environments using just one 3D LiDAR scanner.


3. Point Cloud Samples

Check the images or more samples via the button below to view point cloud data of S1 Handheld LiDAR 3D Scanner.


News & Blog


Flexible and Effective Stockpile Measurement with FJD Trion S1

Nov 20, 2023

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Unleash the Unlimited Potential of FJD Trion S1 3D LiDAR Scanner

Aug 22, 2023


Scan to BIM: Accurate, Fast, and Sustainable Demolition Projects

July 28, 2023

Tech Specs

ItemFJDynamics Trion S1 Scanner
Weight1.8 kg
Scanning Range
Scanning Point Frequency320,000 points/second
Battery Life4H (dual battery)
Camera Resolution16.6 million
Camera Field of View (FOV)360°×270°
Protection ClassIP54
Number of Sensors16
Laser ClassClass 1 / λ 905 nm
Relative Accuracy2cm
Storage Capacity512 GB
CarrierHandheld, backpack, drone, car/ship

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great Product

I've been using the S1 scanner for six months now and have found it to be an excellent tool for scanning large buildings. It's significantly faster and more accurate. The ability to scan the exterior is a huge plus.

Good Value and Useful Accessories

I was thrilled to purchase the S1 scanner and was even more surprised by the RTK backpack package. These have proven to be very useful for our needs. The scanner itself is of great quality and takes high-resolution images. Besides, customer support was helpful and understanding. I would recommend this product for the overall value.

Portable 3D LiDAR Scanner

Already purchased the FJD Trion S1 3D LiDAR scanner. Compared to other brands, the Trion S1 stands out for its lightweight and portable design. The impressive 320,000 scan points per second ensure quick and high-quality scans every time. Additionally, the leading SLAM algorithm allows for real-time capture, processing, and display of accurate point clouds on my mobile device. I couldn't be happier with my investment in the FJD Trion S1!

Excellent scanning result.

Point cloud that come out of this scanner is superb comparing with other scanners that use the same sensor. It has lower noise, crisp and clear. The scanner produces LAS file in real time and can be opened for review without post processing. The RAW file will give the best results (3X more data) but need to be processed with Tion Model Software only.
I recommend purchasing together with RTK Backpack. The GNSS coordinate will kick in and correct drifting error in larger scan area. The error is within 15mm for 150 meters distance start to end and it also register Global coordinate into the point cloud. For indoor scanning, the error never exceeds 10mm range with correct scanning practice.
After sales service is great. Technical support is fast and responsive, they even have an engineer to train you online.
The build quality of the scanner and data logger are very good and look durable. The scanner also comes with a large Pelican case with wheels.

Complete point cloud solution

I recently started using the FJD Trion Scan and Model software suite for point cloud projects and I'm extremely satisfied! The real-time visualization in Trion Scan greatly improves scanning experience, ensuring complete data capture. Trion Model is powerful and versatile, catering to me in the construction industry. This point cloud solution has truly enhanced my workflow. Highly recommended!