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3 Misconceptions About Planting Season

3 Misconceptions About Planting Season

Clarify the Misconceptions About Planting Season

With the arrival of spring, farmers are about to embark on a new year of planting. To be well prepared for the spring planting season, some common misconceptions should be clarified first.

Misconception 1:

Overlaps during planting are an unavoidable consequence of applying multiple farm equipment, especially when in irregular-shaped fields.

works well even in irregular fields


A GPS autosteering system like FJD Autosteering Kit will considerably avoid overlaps (or skips) in the field. It'll enable the tractor to drive according to the guidance line with fixed space and 2.5cm accuracy. Therefore, apart from reducing fuel costs, you'll also be able to plant and spray fertilizer more accurately. With the system bringing more free time, you can concentrate on other important things while staying hands-free. If you are handling multiple fields or irregular-shaped fields, the FJD Autosteering Kit is highly recommended.

Misconception 2:

Investment in the planting season is higher than in other seasons.

weed controlling


Some of you may think that with a lot of equipment and materials involved in the planting season, there will be higher costs during this season. Actually, it's not like that. If the seeds are sown and fertilized accurately and in the proper amount, the seed utilization can be greatly improved for less waste on fertilizers. In addition, with an automatic GPS navigation system, you'll plant more efficiently and accurately. There is no need to double-check the work conditions anymore, the service life of machines will be extended and fuel expenses will be considerably saved. FJD Autosteering kit is designed to fix such problems in daily farming. Thanks to 2.5cm high accuracy, it improves planting accuracy and fertilizer utilization, reducing operation costs greatly.

Misconception 3:

The autosteering system isn’t worth it for small outfit farmers. We can drive straight lines by ourselves during planting.

drives straightly with fixed space


A qualified autosteering system aims to ease the work pressure and help you drive more easily and accurately. Such as FJD Autosteering Kit, it enjoys 4 guidance modes and can auto-drive with 2.5cm accuracy.
Certainly, you are able to drive straight lines by yourself, but it's hard to keep high accuracy and high concentration during long work hours. Besides, with the system recording operation history, you can start the work directly and quickly based on historical data. Without switching to different field data, the farming process can proceed faster and more conveniently.


Hopefully, these will clear up some common misunderstandings in planting work for you.

In addition, if you want to get detailed tips for planting season preparation, read 6 Tips to Get Ready for Spring Planting Season to learn from others' experience.

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