RTK Base Station vs NTRIP Service, which one to choose?
FJD Autosteering Kit

RTK Base Station VS NTRIP Service, Which One to Choose?

RTK Base Staion and NTRIP service are essential to precision agriculture, this blog delves into the differences and benefits of RTK Base Station and NTRIP Service, equipping you with the knowledge ...

FJD Autosteering KitHow to Improve the Accuracy of GPS Guidance Systems For Tractors

How to Improve the Accuracy of GPS Guidance Systems For Tractors

Tractor GPS systems have become a valuable tool for precision farming. They offer farmers accurate positioning and mapping capabilities. Field operations such as planting, fertilizing, and harvesti...

FJD Autosteering Kit3 Misconceptions About Planting Season

3 Misconceptions About Planting Season

This article clarified some common misconceptions about agriculture planting, so as to better prepare you for spring planting season.

FJD Autosteering Kit6 tips to prepare for the planting season

6 Tips to Get Ready for Spring Planting Season

With the 2023 planting season approaching, it is crucial that plans are underway to help get the crop off to a strong start. So here come the questions. How much do you know about planting season? ...


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FJD Autosteering Kitmain factors affects the accuracy of gps

Main Factors That Affect The Accuracy Of GPS

GPS system helps a lot in precision farming. This article will show you the factors that affect the accuracy of GPS, and share tips about which GPS system is more suitable for farmers.

FJD Autosteering KitU-turn Auto-drive

8 Advantages of FJD U-turn Auto-drive

How does U-turn Auto-drive work with FJD Autosteering Kit to boost your farmland yields higher? This article will show you 8 incredible advantages of U-turn Auto-drive.