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How to Improve the Accuracy of GPS Guidance Systems For Tractors

How to Improve the Accuracy of GPS Guidance Systems For Tractors

Tractor GPS systems have become a valuable tool for precision farming. They offer farmers accurate positioning and mapping capabilities. Field operations such as planting, fertilizing, and harvesting become much easier. But the accuracy of GPS guidance systems for tractors can vary. As a result, it'll impact the productivity of agricultural operations. In this blog, we will explore how to increase the accuracy of GPS guidance systems for tractors. And the benefits of using advanced agricultural GPS guidance systems for sale.


What is A Tractor GPS System

A tractor GPS system uses standard GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to improve the tractor's work efficiency. Provide accurate positioning and map field boundaries for tractors and other farming machinery. It consists of a GPS receiver, which receives correction signals from GPS satellites orbiting the earth. And a display unit that shows the tractor's location and other important information. Like speed and direction.

tractor gps system

Let's take FJD Autosteering System as an example. You can think of it as a combination of a tablet and GPS navigation system. As a tractor GPS system, it provides 2.5cm accurate guidance for the tractor to follow. This brings lots of benefits during field operations. Such as improving accuracy, reducing material waste, releasing driver fatigue, boosting work efficiency, and increasing farm profits.


How to Improve the Accuracy of GPS guidance for tractors

The low accuracy of a tractor's GPS navigation system can have an impact on overall farming progress and results. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase the accuracy of tractor GPS auto steer systems.

Ensure Correct GPS Settings

gps system ensures the accuracy

Incorrect settings will affect the accuracy of GPS auto steer systems for tractors. It is essential to ensure that the GPS receiver (also known as the GNSS receiver) is set to the correct coordinate system. Place it at the top of the tractor without any obstruction. so as to receive real-time correction signals. If you have a FJD Autosteering System, make sure to install the standard GPS device on the centerline of the tractor. Use it in areas where there are no obstructions or GPS signals are not interfered with. The GNSS receiver should also be set to the appropriate frequency for the region. This will ensure optimal performance.


Make Sure There Are No Obstacles

RTK installed in an open field


Obstacle interference can also affect the accuracy of GPS guidance systems for tractors. If you want to use the GPS navigation system for precision farming, make sure it is installed in an open and unobstructed flat area or in a field. Doing so will ensure more stable signal reception. Farmers will drive the tractor more accurately and boost their work efficiency.


Install Real-time Kinematic (RTK) Base Station

Real-time Kinematic (RTK) is a farmer-friendly technology that can improve the accuracy of GPS guidance systems for tractors. This technology offers improved performance in areas where is no WiFi signal or 4G signal coverage. So it is ideal for precision farming. It requires a base station and a rover. With the RTK Base Station broadcasting corrections to the rover in real time. The accuracy of tractor GPS systems will be improved.

RTK Base Station working status

However, choosing a suitable RTK Base Station can be time-consuming. Don't be upset, let FJD RTK Base Station help you out. It is specially designed to meet the needs of customers in remote areas without Ntrip network coverage. Its features include automatic channel detection, global signal coverage, centimeter-level 3D positioning, and quick setup. Additionally, you have nothing to worry about its battery life. Because its removable battery enables it to back to service in a short time. And the visual check of the WiFi Camera helps get a better view of the tractor operation. Works with RTK Base Station, it delivers highly-ensured accuracy. With RTK Base Station, any FJD-related products can achieve centimeter-level positioning and operations.


Upgrade to Advanced Agricultural GPS Guidance Systems for Sale

Without a tractor GPS system, farmers only drive under basic guidance. While advanced agricultural GPS guidance systems for sale offer farmers an array of powerful features. These features will significantly improve the accuracy of GPS guidance systems for tractors. FJD Autosteering System is one of them. It provides tractor guidance with 2.5cm high accuracy. This is much more accurate than basic guidance. The auto steer system totally freed farmers' hands and eased great workloads from them. Farmers can operate it on an Android tablet-like screen to perform field operations. Such as plowing, measuring field boundaries, etc.

fjd autosteering kit

Advanced agricultural GPS guidance systems will improve work efficiency and accuracy. It will reduce materials waste by avoiding skips and overlaps. Farmers have more time to concentrate on more important things. There is no doubt that this system will bring higher productivity.



To sum up. The FJD Autosteering System is farmer-friendly. It's a perfect choice for entry-level farmers who are looking for affordable GPS guidance for tractors. Because this combination of an android tablet and GPS is very easy to install. To improve the accuracy of tractor GPS systems, farmers should first ensure correct GPS settings. Using differential GPS and installing real-time kinematics will also be a solution. More importantly, upgrading to advanced agricultural GPS guidance systems for sale helps the most. Such technologies offer enhanced accuracy, performance, and productivity. It surely is a valuable investment for modern agricultural operations.

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