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8 Advantages of FJD U-turn Auto-drive

U-turn Auto-drive

1. What is FJD U-turn Auto-drive?

FJD U-turn is the new function of the FJD Autosteering Kit. For most auto steering systems, it is difficult to maintain the same accuracy and flexible turning when working at the edge of the field. FJD U-Turn applies automatic end-of-row turn technology to precision agriculture. It can perform the best-fit turn at every corner and the price is also very favorable.

With FJD U-turn, the driver does not have to touch the steering wheel at all during the whole time on the field. This novel feature improves precision, saves time and fuel, prevents soil compaction, and enables the driver to focus entirely on more important work!

2. Advantages of FJD U-turn Auto-drive

2.1 Truly Hands-Free

It can automatically plan the most suitable running path according to different field shapes, including headland closure. The driver does not have to touch the steering wheel during the whole time.

2.2 Higher Land Utilization Rate

Headland assistance mode enables the tractor to make turns along the shortest route, saving at least 30% of the headland. Even the most experienced drivers cannot save as much headland as FJD Auto-drive does. And its optimized driving path ensures the highest coverage while minimizing the fuel costs.

2.3 No Overlap Between Passes

Based on GNSS technology, the FJD Autosteering Kit system helps to achieve a high accuracy of 2.5 cm. And U-turn enables the tractor to plan paths automatically and turns more precisely on every headland. Even in marginal areas, overlaps and skips can be significantly avoided thanks to the headland assistance mode.

2.4 Reduce Chemical, Waste and Expenses

U-turn brings the tractor higher work efficiency and more scientific operation. For instance, it allows the tractor to sow seeds at proper depths and spacing, thus preventing seed waste and crop stunting. In addition, its optimized path and highest coverage enables the tractor to spray fertilizer or pesticides evenly to reduce costs and eliminate pests. Moreover, the tractor can plow the field at an equal level, which ensures that the water nourishes the crops adequately. All of these features minimize the expenditure on field management.

2.5 Less Farmer Fatigue

U-Turn Auto-drive eases farmer's pressure, so they can focus entirely on more important tasks while the tractor is working. Furthermore, it can continue unfinished U-turn paths without resetting-- one less thing to worry about!

2.6 Reduce Reliance on Manual Labor

Thanks to its auto path planning and auto-drive, U-Turn makes it possible to work safely and accurately in dark, foggy, and dusty conditions. Those obstacles only hinder manual operations.

2.7 No Need for Any Mechanical Modifications

U-Turn is a new software feature and does not require any mechanical modifications to tractors equipped with FJD guide system. Tractor owners can enjoy its powerful functions simply by purchasing the U-turn activation code.

2.8 1 Minute Activation, Lifetime Use

For similar products, you will need to pay their annual subscription fee, which can be higher than $1000 per year. Whereas for FJD U-turn Auto-drive, you only need to pay once to get the activation code and then use it for life. There is no additional cost.

3. How to Start the FJD U-turn Function?

3.1 Purchase the U-turn Activation Code

Purchase the U-turn activation code from FJD Store and activate the U-turn function.

enter U-turn activation code


3.2 Defining the Boundary of the Field

Working with U-Turn begins with defining the boundary of the field and headland unless they are already programmed into the FJD guide system.

difine the boundary line of the field

3.3 Calibrated Turning Radius

After this, the required turning radius is calibrated according to the type of implement being used and by turning the tractor sharply to the right and left.

radius measurement

3.4 Plan the Best U-turn Path and the U-turn Working Diagram

The U-Turn will generate guidance lines automatically. After setting the U-Turn, it'll plan the route and confirm the coverage by itself.

generate guidance line automatically

3.5 Automatically Drive According to the Guidance Line

After generating the guidance line, the last step is to click the Start & Record button to start the tractor's auto-driving.

Start recording the path

For more detailed U-turn activation steps, please read How to Activate U-turn Auto-drive.

4.Final Thoughts

Today, automatic steering systems are not optional in farming. Rather, they are a must for every farmer who wants to stay competitive and keep costs low. The latest and most cutting-edge auto-steering system with U-turn function is another big step forward in precision agriculture.

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