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PONY 500 Global Launch    March 22nd, 2023

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Feedback From FJD PONY 500 Volunteers

“I’ve been using the FJD Pony 500 as my go to tool to power my appliances while car camping. It powered my fridge, drones, and phone at all times.Really portable and superrrrrrr light.It’s a great product. "

Dwight Orlando

“ After good experience with the particularly handy FJD MP500, I decided to try the Pony 500. You'll be amazed at how innovative the Pony 500 is in terms of size and weight as well as aesthetics, it's wonderful."

Vicky Isabel

“ We're Van Campers, and don't use a lot of power, so this Pony 500 is perfect for us. Reliable, compact (It fits in my backpack and other stuff), and ultra light. Amazing. Highly recommend it.. "

Jenny Whitehead

“ Impressed with the charge power. Runs my devices all night and with about 60% battery left in the morning. Very quiet, no noise at all. Trust me, you need it."

Greg Bunyan

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1.Rules of PONY 500 Global Launch Pre-order
1). Users who have purchased the early bird coupon order or registered their emails and successfully placed orders of PONY 500, could use the limited coupons.
2). Users who have bought the early bird coupon valued at $50 are eligible for a discount of up to $50 by using the exclusive coupon. Limit one coupon per order. and coupons do not stack.
3). All benefits will be voided if users return the products.
4). Users who purchase the exclusive coupon valued at $50 will be the first to hear about FJD PONY 500 news, including the global launch opening sale. To take advantage of the super early bird discount, head to the global launch page on March 22nd, 2023 to place your order as soon as possible. This super early bird discount is limited; first come, first served.
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