FJD Referral Program FAQ

Q1. What will I get if I register to be part of the referral program?

a. Earn 3% out of the total referral purchase as bonus to redeem for cash(*coming soon) or free products.

b. 1 bonus equals to $1.00 when redeem for free products.

c. No limit on your total earnings.

d. Always the first to try new products.

e. Opportunity to be an FJD ambassador.

Q2. Can I earn selling bonus from every product in your store?

Not exactly. For this phase, our referral program works only on Autosteering Kit, which means only orders containing Autosteering Kit will be regarded as effective referrals.

For example,

Order A: Autosteering Kit together with RTK Base Station. ------ It is effective.

Order B: RTK Base Station with WiFi Camera. ------ It is not effective.

Q3. If my friend bought an Autosteering Kit from my shared link, how soon can I get my referral selling bonus?

Once your friend completes the payment, your referral account will be issued the corresponding sales bonus. By clicking on [Show your stats], you can find the total rewards you have in your account. After 30 days of the payment, if no order returns or cancellations, you can apply for prize redemption. Reviewed FJD product rewards will be shipped out within 7 days.

Q4. Who can be an FJD influencer?

Anyone who is not a FJD employee can join our referral program to be our influencer.

a. If you are a farmer and have a lot of farmer friends, this program is perfect for you.

b. If you are an YouTuber or other platform content creator, this program is perfect for you.

c. If you are a freelancer or affiliate, this program is perfect for you.

d. If you are running a small business and don't want to have heavy stock pressure, this program is perfect for you.

Q5. How to promote exclusive personal links?

First of all, you need to get your own share-link or coupon code, which will be automatically generated once you register the program.

Then you can choose to share the link/code via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you have your website, you can post it on the website. There are thousands of ways, show us your imagination.

Q6. Are there any restrictions on self-referrals?

Yes, self-referrals are prohibited. However, if you are part of our referral program and you've already have valid referral records, you can always send us email at to apply for a special insider discount when purchasing for yourself.

Q7. How do I know whether my friend used my coupon code?

It will be shown at [Show your stats].

Please note: a verification code will be sent to your registered email. For account safety and privacy concerns, you need to enter the verification code before you can have access to your referral data.

Q8. How many referrals do I have to make to get a reward?

Bonus rewards will be issued for each purchase that is invited. If there are no returns or cancellations, you can request to redeem FJD products 30 days after the purchase. Please note that 1 bonus equals to $1.00 when redeem for free products.

Q9. Where can my friend enter my referral code?

There's a discount code box on the checkout page.

Q10. Where can I find my referral coupon code/referral link?

No need to worry. If you have already registered, just enter the same email when registered and click [Get Started].

Q11. Can my referral coupon code be customized?

Sure, you can customize it into anything you want. If the coupon code is changed, the previous one will expire. The orders that use the old one will still be regarded as effective referrals, but no coming orders under the old coupon code.

Q12. How can I check how many successful referrals I have? and how many commission bonus have been reached?

It will be shown at [Show your stats]. You will get a very clear data showing referrals and commission bonus.

Q13. If I want to quit midway, can I still redeem the product?

Yes, you can. Just make sure you meet the requirements for redeeming your points for products. If there are no cancellations, you can request to redeem FJD products 30 days after the purchase. The bottom line for redeeming products is 299 points per request.

Q14. Is there a time limit for this event?

This is a long-term project, but every two years as a cycle.

Q15. After the bonus are redeemed for products, will the historical data of my successful referrals be cleared?

The bonus rewards will deduct the part of the redeemed product, but the historical data will be there.

Q16. After I refer it to my friend, what should he/she do if he/she wants to join in the Referral Program?

He can visit the page and register just like you did.

Q17. Can this referral code be used in combination with the discount code in the store?

Only one coupon code can be used at a time.

Q18. When will I be approved and able to successfully redeem the product?

a. If any point redemption request is submitted for a product, it will be checked and approved within 7 business days.

b. The products will be sent out within 7 business days after approval.

Q19. Is there a limit to bonus redemption?

There is no limit, as long as the amount of the redeemed product is reached, you can redeem it.

All rules and regulations above are subject to the final interpretation of the FJDynamics Online Store.