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FJD 2000W Best Solar Generator Review

best solar generator

Do you want to buy a solar generator but don't know the different types of solar generators and how does a solar generator work? Through FJD 2000W Best Solar Generator Review, this article starts with unboxing and gives you a detailed introduction to it.

What is a solar generator?

The solar generator is a combination device based on energy from the sun instead of fossil fuels. So it automatically converts solar energy into electrical energy and stores the energy in an energy storage device. Different types of solar generators come with different technologies and functions. They come with no noise and pollution like gas generators using fossil fuels.
best solar generator

Application scenarios

1. In the off-grid cabin, get off the public grid.

2. In the event of a power outage, ensure that electrical devices and appliances in your household function properly.

3. During camping trips, be able to provide music or lamp.

4. In outdoor photography, power drones, and cameras.

5. In the medical field, keep pacemakers and CPAP working as a backup source of energy.

6. As a UPS, power electrical devices and small appliances such as smartphones, portable fridges, and other power tools.

7. In outdoor construction, solve the lack of power supply and wiring difficulties.


How does a solar generator work?

The solar generator works independently in three steps: power generation, power storage, and power supply. Once the solar panel is connected to the portable power station, it converts the collected solar energy from the sun into electrical energy. Then the power is stored in the portable power station's battery via MPPT technology with high efficiency. Next, the power station converts the direct current into alternating current via an inverter to generate clean energy.
best solar generator

FJD 2000W best solar generator unboxing

First impressions

According to precise measurements, this generator weighs 27 kg and has dimensions of 574 x 369 x 259 mm. As we can see, it has an orange bottom & top and the body is black. Besides, there are two handles on both sides.
The front of the power station has 12 output ports (3 AC outlets, 1 cigarette lighter, 4 USB A ports and 2 USB-C ports, 2 DC ports) and the LCD display. On the LCD display, we can see the input status of the generator, the battery status, and the status of the AC, DC ports, and USB ports.
There are three input connectors on the side of the power station: PV connector, car charge connector, and AC outlets. The best portable solar generators also include a 200-watt foldable solar panel. It has a briefcase design and is equipped with two angle-adjustable stands that can be unfolded and erected when in use.
best solar generator

Power output

First of all, we can see that the generator output ports are divided into three areas: DC outlet, USB ports, and AC outlet. Each socket comes with a dust cover.

1. Two USB A ports 18W

2. Two USB C fast charging ports 60W

3. A cigarette lighter socket (car charging) 12V 8A

4. Three AC connections 2000W

5. A DC55*25 connectors 12V 4A

    Let's turn to the side of the MP2000 solar powered generator. We can see three input connectors. We see three input connectors, two Anderson connectors, and one AC connector (1200W).

    The lithium battery

    Now let's look at the batteries. There are mainly lithium ion batteries and lead acid batteries on the market. This battery is a removable lithium battery and lasts longer than lead acid batteries. And the high-capacity lithium ion batteries can be replaced in less than thirty seconds. It uses a BMS battery management system with features like power outage protection and temperature protection to extend battery life.
    how does a solar generator work

    The accessories

    As we can see, the FJD solar powered generator comes in a package with many accessories.

    1. MC4 Anderson connector cable

    2. 12V car Anderson cable

    3. AC power plug

    4. User Manual

    5. Cell: 166 (monocrystalline silicon)

    6. Junction box: ABS+PC

      FJD 2000W solar generator charging ports

      We start the solar generator test at the power generation input. At first, we left the portable power stations unloaded and tried to run them in a different way.

      1. AC charging: Maximum amount of power input 1200W, 1 hour of charging time to 0~60%, 2.5 hours for a full charge.

      2. Solar charges: By connecting three 200W solar modules in parallel, you can generate clean energy with a maximum input power of 600W. Solar charges take about 4 to 5 hours of charging time.

      3. Car charging: With a maximum amount of power of 66W, it takes about 36 hours to fully charge.

      4. Generators charging: It is recommended to choose a generator with a power output of 1500W or more.

        how does a solar generator work

        It is worth noting that no adapter is required to charge the solar powered generators. To test the practicality of the solar generator, we connected it to four electrical devices and small appliances such as portable fridges, 100-watt oxygen devices, 400-watt CPAP, and other power tools. The 2264 watt hours portable power station supports a 100-watt projector with 16 hours of use, a 400-watt oxygen machine with 5-6 hours of use, and a 1000-watt air conditioner with 2-7 hours of use.

        FJD solar generator core technologies

        MPPT charge controller

        It is a DC-DC transformer that converts electricity from a higher voltage to a lower voltage. The amount of current remains unchanged (aside from a small loss in conversion). Since MPPT charge controllers can handle higher input voltages, they have an advantage when several modules are interconnected.

        Monocrystalline technology

        Silicon crystals are the key to the solar panel generating electricity. Monocrystalline solar panels are the most efficient and can generate a lot of electricity even when there is little solar radiation. The panels tend to be more expensive than other materials, but they are the most heat-resistant and have the longest lifespan.

        Advanced Inverter

        The simplest way to translate "inverter" is "inverter". FJD MP2000 portable power stations reliably convert DC power into AC power. The big advantage of this technology is that at the end of this process a pure sine wave voltage is delivered. Quasi-electricity with the consistently high quality of a house socket.

        FJD solar generators comparison

        FJD solar generators are currently available in two combinations: MP2000 Set and MP500 Set. So we have compared the two solar powered generators. The biggest difference is mainly in the capacity and performance. FJD MP500 is a mobile power station that meets the most basic needs. But the MP2000 with a higher capacity handles more demanding long-term tasks. These two models are both top picks, and we hope you will find the right portable solar generator works for you.
        how does a solar generator work

        FJD 2000W portable power station+200W foldable modules

        1. 2000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter

        2. Multiple output ports (AC, USB-A, USB-C, DC5525, cigarette lighter output)

        3. high capacity of 2264 watt hours

        4. 600 Watt Max Solar Input

        5. Four ways of charging (cigarette lighter, solar panel, wall outlet, generator)

        6. Fully charged in 2.5 hours

        7. 1200W Max Fast Charging (Solar + AC)

          FJD 500 Watt power station+120W foldable modules

          1. Portable mini solar system

          2. Easy installation without additional connections

          3. Multiple output ports (AC, USB-A, USB-C, DC5525, cigarette lighter output)

          4. Four ways of charging (cigarette lighter, solar panel, wall outlet, generator)

          5. Wireless charging

          6. LED lamp SOS mode

          7. LCD screen

            how does a solar generator work

            FJD 500-watt mini solar system is light and small and does not need to be permanently installed in one place. It can be taken with you and is suitable for short trips. You can simply align the 120-watt solar modules to the sun and the best solar generator will generate electricity.


            Did the solar generator test give you a better understanding of how does a solar generator work and how to choose the best solar generator? Easy to set up, FJD 2000W best portable solar generators can power 99% of your electrical devices and appliances. So it can be used frequently during camping trips, for home support, or for outdoor work. If you want to buy a solar generator for a backup source of energy, FJD generators are your top picks. The possibilities are endless and we look forward to hearing from you about how you use electricity in innovative ways!

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