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FJDynamics to Release Trion P1 3D Handheld LiDAR Scanner

handheld lidar scanner

Berlin, October 10th-12th, 2023 - FJDynamics is thrilled to release its new compact handheld LiDAR scanner at InterGeo 2023, the world's leading trade fair for the geospatial community. FJDynamics is dedicated to continuous innovation and is working diligently to create practical tools. These tools empower workers, simplify workflows, and enhance precision in some of the most demanding fields of work.

FJD Trion P1 LiDAR Scanner, New Dimensions Unfold

The SLAM-based FJD Trion P1 LiDAR Scanner enables users to digitize environments quickly and accurately. It comes with the ability to capture indoor, outdoor, and even underground environments all day long. So this powerful yet ultra-compact scanner makes reality capture accessible to all.


Main Features

FJD Trion P1 LiDAR Scanner comes with a relative accuracy of 2cm, and the scan range can reach up to 40m. This is achieved at a 10% reflective rate condition. In addition, its laser radar FOV is 360°×59°, with up to 200,000 points per second. It is also very lightweight and can be used anywhere, at any time.

What is most remarkable is that it can generate point cloud data in real-time, making your measurement results more intuitive and accurate. Therefore, Trion P1 is a very practical measurement tool, and it can provide you with efficient and accurate measurement results for both engineering measurement and scientific research.

Key Workflow

  • Capture

Utilize the P1 to walk and scan, viewing real-time point cloud data on your mobile device through Trion Scan. Assess data completeness and note the loop closure numbers to ensure adequate data is collected for post-processing.

  • Analyze

The P1 generates universal point cloud data formats in las, pcd, pts, ply. Initiate the download and import of the field data into Trion Model or other compatible third-party software programs. It can classify, register, and calculate point cloud data for your specific application.

Key workflow

  • Deliver

FJD Trion P1 LiDAR Scanner provides deliverables such as contour maps, distance, area, and volume calculations. In addition, it also supports floor plans, tree & forest analyses, and 3D models like BIM, DEM & 3D mesh.

  • Grow

Save time and labor on fieldwork. Eliminate rework and errors that arise from manual measurements. Keep your teams focused on the most valuable tasks, and propose new services and deliverables to your clients to grow your business.

Application Scenarios

  • Public Safety

Use point cloud data from FJD Trion P1 to improve disaster preparedness and response plans. Quickly record evidence and crime or accident scenes for accurate forensic documentation.

  • Property Management and Assessment

Assess the structural integrity of properties, plan spaces, and identify areas requiring repair or renovation. Employ insights from a rich spatial dataset to reduce uncertainty in investment decisions.

FJD Trion P1

  • Robotics

Trion P1 LiDAR Scanner improves communications between teams before and during robotics deployment. Plan routes and enhance robot obstacle avoidance through the use of 2D maps and 3D models of the envrionment.

  • Forestry and Vegetation Analysis

Manage and monitor tree inventory by taking a quick walk in the forest. Use P1 to measure crowns, analyze breast diameter and tree height using precise point cloud data.

Compact scanner
  • Media and Entertainment

Construct new realities that are inspired by real-world locations. Whether you're making video games, virtual tours, or movie set environments, you can capture the essence of both indoor and outdoor settings.


  • AEC

FJD Trion P1 helps make informed decisions on your projects from blueprint to QA/QC by utilizing building surveys. It scans to CAD & BIM, as-built documentation, floor plans, and stockpile volumes.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an experienced laser scanning professional or simply curious about 3D technology, a Trion P1 walk around the site allows for quick and accurate digitization of your environment. To learn more about FJD Trion P1, visit our product page here.

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