Introducing the Enhanced FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit for Streamlined Farming

AT1 Autosteering Kit

We are excited to present the latest update of our FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit, version 2.1.9. This enhanced version offers new features and improvements to optimize your farming experience. Let's dive into the latest additions and learn how they can benefit your precision farming endeavors.

Features of New FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit

PPP Correction Signal Sources Integration

Version 2.1.9 now supports Beidou PPP and Galileo PPP correction signal sources. PPP technology can provide accurate location information within a few centimeters. This works without relying on radio signals or network connections. It is flexible and convenient for users, making it a popular choice.


AT1 Autosteering Kit

Expanded Speed Range

The updated version accommodates a broader speed range, from 0.1 km/h to 26 km/h, catering to various scenarios. It maintains 2.5 cm accuracy, meeting diverse farm requirements. For example, working on sloping terrain, executing low-speed tasks like potato planting, and performing operations like crop protection.

Enhanced ISOBUS Compatibility

The latest version extends ISOBUS capabilities, including ISOBUS VT, TC-BAS, and TC-SC. Thus, it improves equipment efficiency and streamlining production processes. With enhanced compatibility, these ag gps systems for tractors can better integrate with other technologies. So they further improve overall performance and efficiency in industrial automation.

AT1 Autosteering Kit

Smart Approaching Support

To enable the Smart Approaching feature, go to 'Device Settings > Automatically Driving Settings'. This feature allows the tractor to automatically align with the guidance line even at a 90-degree angle. As a result, it ensures smoother and more efficient navigation.

Retaining Pre-translation Guidance Lines

This feature enables users to save translated guidance lines separately. So it preserves the original guidance line and generates a new one after translation. Moreover, it facilitates efficient management of translation memories. Thus, this allows for accurate and consistent translations in various languages.

ag gps systems

Line Groups Conversion

Transform task traces into line groups for future use by accessing the 'Path Conversion' feature in the 'Tasks' menu under 'Field Settings.' The ag gps systems also support importing line groups from other platforms. This enables seamless integration and easy retrieval of relevant information. This feature ensures that valuable data is readily available for analysis and improvement.

Automatic Calibration for No Angle Sensor

When the 'Accuracy Compensation' function is enabled, the 'No Angle Sensor' automatically calibrates. So it ensures optimal performance and precise measurements. This innovative feature enhances the accuracy and reliability of sensor data for a wide range of applications.

ag gps systems

Front Suspension Implementation

The updated version allows front suspension for connecting implements. Thus it ensures more accurate and detailed tracking of implement information. This advanced feature enhances the overall stability and precision of the robotic arm. So it allows for smoother operation and improved productivity in various industries.

Improvements of New FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit

Edit Time Display

The system now displays the exact time when guidance lines, boundaries, and fields are modified. This feature provides valuable insights into the editing process. So it enables users to track changes and make data-driven decisions. As a result, task completion and overall system performance can be improved.

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U-turn Feature Renaming

The AUX Turn feature is now called 'Basic U-turn,' while the Uturn feature is renamed 'Smart U-turn' (except in Japan). This change allows for a clearer and more intuitive naming convention. And it is easier for users to understand and utilize these features. The names also highlight the differences between the two features for a more organized interface.

Straight Guidance Line Optimization

Now, you can extend the imported straight guidance lines with limiters to enhance the convenience. This feature provides greater flexibility for users when creating or modifying guidelines. So it allows them to more easily adjust the length and position of the lines to meet their needs. Thus, users can ensure that the guidance lines remain within the desired parameters. This results in more accurate and precise measurements.

Ideal Precision Farming Solution for All Seasons

The new FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit represents an ideal solution in precision farming. Next, we will delve into how the AT1 facilitates farming throughout seasons.

gps systems for tractors

Cost-Efficient Farming System

In response to the increasing labor costs, the FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit is a solution that prioritizes efficiency. Integrating a sophisticated navigation system minimizes the dependency on manual labor during planting. The traditional method for guiding large-scale farm operations requires extra labor. This includes farming tasks like marking and guiding the operation routes.

Enhanced Efficiency and Land Utilization

Employing RTK technology, the AT1 Autosteering Kit offers 2.5cm precision control over seed row spacing. This enhances land utilization and guarantees optimal output efficiency. The kit enables a single operation to till the entire land cover, thus reducing tractor operation time and fuel consumption. The Smart U-turn feature plans the shortest turning paths, decreasing the time spent on inaccurate turns.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Enhanced FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit helps a lot for streamlined farming. The latest version offers even more innovative features and improvements. It will take your precision farming to the next level. We encourage all farmers to experience the true potential of the advanced ag gps systems for tractors. Get ready to revolutionize your farming with the New FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit!

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