Point Cloud Processing

Discover Your Ultimate Solution for Point Cloud Processing: FJD Trion Model Software

Point cloud data is a valuable resource for industries like surveying and infrastructure management. But, handling large volumes and diverse sources of this data can be a complex task. That's why F...

Handheld Laser Scanner

Handheld Laser Scanner: Real-Time Data Acquisition for Underground Mapping

In order to navigate the complexities of what lies beneath the surface, it is crucial to develop effective monitoring and safegu arding strategies. This blog post will delve into the evolution of t...

LiDAR Data

3D LiDAR Data: A Promising Solution for Efficient Forestry Surveying

Research and development of digital technologies, particularly LiDAR, are revolutionizing the forestry sector and transforming the way humans interact with forests worldwide. In this blog, we will ...

Auto Steer System

New Version Launch of FJD AT2 Auto Steer System - Elevating Farming Efficiency

With great pleasure, we announce the newest version of our FJD AT2 Auto Steer System, version 23.103.2. This latest release is loaded with innovative features and improvements. This revolutionizes ...


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Mobile LiDAR Scanner

Mobile LiDAR Scanner: Streamlining Your Construction Site Survey

Construction site survey is a vital part of Architectural, Construction & Engineering projects. However, traditional surveying methods frequently face difficulties that could impede progress. T...


Boosting Farming Efficiency and Convenience with ISOBUS

Nowadays, farmers are often faced with the challenge of managing various implements for different operations. How can we seamlessly integrate and control these diverse tools via a single terminal? ...