Experience Unlimited Outdoor Power with FJD 2000W Solar Generator

Experience Unlimited Outdoor Power with FJD 2000W Solar Generator

Engaging in outdoor living and participating in outdoor events requires a consistent and reliable energy source. The FJD 2000W Solar Generator is specifically designed to address this need by harne...

AT1 Autosteering Kit

Introducing the Enhanced FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit for Streamlined Farming

We are excited to present the latest update of our FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit, version 2.1.9. This enhanced version offers new features and improvements to optimize your farming experience. Let's div...

lidar scanningLidar Scanning

Lidar Scanning for Beginners: How to Achieve Accurate Results with Portable 3D Scanner

LiDAR technology has been transforming industries with its increasing compactness and accessibility. With the development of the portable 3D scanner, LiDAR scanning is now within reach for beginner...

GNSS technologyRTK GNSS Receiver

Unveiling FJD Trion V10i RTK GNSS Receiver with Visual Positioning

The FJD Trion V10i RTK GNSS receiver with visual positioning is a cutting-edge GPS RTK system that combines precise positioning technology and Augmented Reality (AR). In this blog post, we'll take ...


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Climate ChangeClimate Change

Adapting to Climate Change: Innovations in Agriculture for Higher Yields

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our world today. Agriculture is particularly vulnerable to its effects. As the global climate warms, agriculture faces a range of challenges...

V Mount Batteriesv mount batteries

FJD PowerSec 90 V Mount Batteries: An In-Depth Video Review From Vicious Computers

Recently, we collaborated with filmmaker Patrick, also known as "Vicious Computers" on YouTube. He made an in-depth video review of FJD PowerSec 90 V Mount Batteries. In this blog post, we will giv...