RTK GNSS Receiver
GNSS technology

Unveiling FJD Trion V10i RTK GNSS Receiver with Visual Positioning

The FJD Trion V10i RTK GNSS receiver with visual positioning is a cutting-edge GPS RTK system that combines precise positioning technology and Augmented Reality (AR). In this blog post, we'll take ...

Climate ChangeClimate Change

Adapting to Climate Change: Innovations in Agriculture for Higher Yields

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our world today. Agriculture is particularly vulnerable to its effects. As the global climate warms, agriculture faces a range of challenges...

V Mount Batteriesv mount batteries

FJD PowerSec 90 V Mount Batteries: An In-Depth Video Review From Vicious Computers

Recently, we collaborated with filmmaker Patrick, also known as "Vicious Computers" on YouTube. He made an in-depth video review of FJD PowerSec 90 V Mount Batteries. In this blog post, we will giv...

GPS Survey EquipmentWhy You Need An GPS Survey Equipment for High-Precision Positioning

Why You Need An GPS Survey Equipment for High-Precision Positioning

In today's world of advanced surveying, precision is of utmost importance. Knowing the exact location is important in construction, land administration, mapmaking, and archaeology. It forms the bas...


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Handheld LiDAR Scannerhandheld lidar scanner

FJDynamics to Release Trion P1 3D Handheld LiDAR Scanner

Berlin, October 10th-12th, 2023 - FJDynamics is thrilled to release its new compact Trion P1 3D handheld LiDAR scanner at InterGeo 2023, the world's leading trade fair for the geospatial community....

Home Backup Generatorhome backup generator

What You Should Know About Home Backup Generator

A home backup generator is less of a luxury and more of a need in the current times. It is an important investment that every homeowner should make. There are different types of home generators in ...