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Ntrip Service Providers List and Its Application with FJD Autosteering Kit

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NTRIP service is very common in precision agriculture. It can improve tractors’ operational accuracy and work efficiency, thus helping farmers manage their fields more scientifically. This article will share the list of NTRIP service providers in the main areas and show how it helps FJD Autosteering Kit advance farming work.


1.What is NTRIP Service

The NTRIP service emerged from the increasing demand for high-precision operation in modern agriculture. Many companies that provide agricultural devices, such as FJD Autosteering Kit and other similar products, rely on NTRIP service for their tractor systems and other devices. Before subscribing to the NTRIP service, the accuracy range of the above systems is only around 20-60cm due to no RTK signals. After subscription, the systems can receive RTK corrections and hence they achieve centimeter-level accuracy. In this way, it'll be much easier for farmers to carry out refined management of the fields.

If farmers want to have an NTRIP network, what they need to do is to register at a local NTRIP service provider. Then they’ll get the port, IP address, username, and password. These credentials can be used to connect the rover to the NTRIP network and receive corrections. The service cost and coverage region are verified from provider to provider. It can be free or has subscription charges. Annual subscription fee differs, but usually it’s $1,000-$1,500.


2.NTRIP Service Providers around the World

Accurate data provided by the NTRIP service providers is crucial to farming activities, so it’s important to know about your local providers. You can check the lists below to find your local NTRIP service provider.

There is a huge number of NTRIP service providers across the globe. Below you can find the most popular ones. Lists are subject to change, so please check them regularly.
(*The following lists are for reference only and may vary due to service changes. Please refer to the real situation.)


2.1 Providers in the US

Click here to check providers in North America
Click here to check providers in South America


2.2 Providers in the EU

Click here to check providers in Europe


2.3 Providers in other countries

Click here to check providers in Asia
Click here to check providers in Africa
Click here to check providers in Oceania

The above lists are major NTRIP service providers across the world. NTRIP service plays such a key role in precision agriculture, especially GPS tractors. Let's take FJD Autosteering Kit for example and learn about how NTRIP service works with tractors to help advance farming.

(*Note: If there is no NTRIP service provider available nearby, you can also consider purchasing FJD RTK Base Station to receive the signal, which also delivers a 2.5 cm high accuracy.)


3.How Does NTRIP Help FJD Autosteering Kit Work Better

The Control Terminal of FJD Autosteering Kit has a built-in networked transport of RTCM via internet protocol (NTRIP) client that enables it to connect to NTRIP networks and CORS networks, as well as other free and subscription-based networks to receive positioning information in real-time. Thus, the tractor can drive along straight lines, curves, or concentric circles with sub-inch (2.5 cm) accuracy.


3.1 2.5cm High Accuracy Ensures Work Efficiency


FJD Autosteering Kit combines GNSS technology with NTRIP service to work for the tractor's auto-drive. It enables the system to deliver a high accuracy of 2.5cm when operating on a tractor automatically. Real-time positioning data helps the system collect boundary information of the field and driving status of tractors more accurately, so farmers can understand what's going on in the field quickly. If anything goes wrong, they can optimize the plan by operating in the Control Terminal as soon as possible. Less double-checking buys more time to finish other things, thereby the work efficiency is improved.


3.2 Real-Time Information Reduce Energy Waste


FJD Autosteering Kit is equipped with dual GNSS antennas. It helps receive RTK correction signals about positioning and orientation for better control of autonomous driving. Besides, the real-time area metering of the FJD Autosteering Kit will calculate the area worked under autosteer and manual modes, checking the work accuracy at any time. This makes sure the tractor drives strictly according to the guidance line, so as to greatly avoid skips and overlaps. Unnecessary waste on fuel or other materials has been saved.



With the continuous development of NTRIP technology and the popularization of the Internet, farmers have increasing opportunities to use centimeter-level precision technology in agricultural applications. Whether choosing the NTRIP service provider or RTK Base Station, farmers will have precise farming operations. They will also be able to minimize skips and overlaps in the field, reduce workloads, and cut down costs while increasing profits.

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