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6 Tips to Get Ready for Spring Planting Season

6 tips to prepare for the planting season

With the 2023 planting season approaching, it is crucial that plans are underway to help get the crop off to a strong start. So here come the questions. How much do you know about planting season? And how should you prepare for the season to make it a success?

Here are 6 important things you must keep in mind and 3 misconceptions you need to avoid.

Things You Need to Know to Gain Planting Season Success

Follow the tips below to check your preparation for the planting season.

1. Check the Soil

Check the soil

Healthy soil provides nutrients for crops throughout the seasons, so soil testing is essential to understand the productivity and fertility of your acre. This also helps in making informed fertilization decisions, saving fertilizer and fuel costs more accurately for avoiding waste. Also, you should minimize soil compaction by avoiding working on wet soil during planting. This gives the seeds more space to grow and flourish.

2. Check Related Equipment

check related equipment

Before starting any spring work, make sure the tractor, planter and all related equipment are ready to go. Inspect the planter to ensure that all parts are in top condition and replace any worn parts. For instance, check its attachments (including furrow application equipment) to see if they are clean and working properly. Make sure all lights and security systems are functioning normally.

Apart from the planter, the tractor is an important device during planting season as well. An automatic GPS system will boost the farming process significantly. Such as the FJD Autosteering Kit, it enjoys 2.5cm high-accuracy and 4 guidance line modes. This enables it to auto-drive in the field according to the guidance line. Not only does it improve work efficiency, it also eases lots of driving pressure for you and enables you to farm more accurately. In the long term, more money can be saved from reduced fertilizer and fuel consumption.

3. Make a Plan to Reach Your Yield Goal

make a plan to reach your goal

With a clear understanding of soil and equipment conditions, now it's time to make up a plan to better achieve target yields. This helps you keep track of the farming progress and allocate materials more wisely and efficiently, thus reducing unnecessary costs.

4. Take Good Care of the Seed

take care of the seed

After the above basic preparations are completed, the seeds also need to be treated before the official cultivation. This is to ensure the crops have proper space and time to grow, reach maturity before the expected harvest date, as well as make sure it receives adequate nutrition and protection throughout. In addition, pests, weeds, and diseases that are more likely to occur in the area also need to be taken into consideration in advance.

5. Make Timing and Weed Control a Priority

weed control

The timing and weeds of the annual planting season can be a little troublesome. Because different seeds require different planting windows. You need to choose the best date to start planting based on your experience. Planting too early can be detrimental to crop growth and increases the possibility of weeds attacking the seeds. Regularly understanding weed profiles and learning how to keep fields clean, paying attention to resistance levels and adjusting them appropriately can provide a better environment for the seed to grow.

At this moment, a tractor with GPS system installed matters a lot when spraying pesticides or herbicides. The FJD Autosteering Kit is able to spray under fixed width space, not a single inch will be missed. This is a reliable helper to protect your crops.

6. Stay Informed

Make sure to check the field condition and the progress of the seed growth regularly. In this way, you can not only restore the nutrients or water required by crops in a timely manner, but also reduce the impact of pests and weeds as soon as feasible. So as to adjust the fertilization strategy to grow a quality crop.


Farmers need to make many important decisions when preparing for planting season, so if you can use automatic equipment to improve the work efficiency in actual operation, lots of energy can be concentrated on something more worthy of attention.

It's sincerely recommended a close understanding of the FJD Autosteering Kit. Those who have bought and used it globally have reported that it is an absolute helper in the field.

Take the above tips plus the FJD Autosteering Kit, a considerable harvest during this autumn won't be a long shot.

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