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FJD Easy Control | Wireless Controller for FJD Autosteering Kit

FJD Easy Control | Wireless Controller for FJD Autosteering Kit

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FJD Easy Control | Wireless Controller for FJD Autosteering Kit


FJD Easy Control is a wireless remote controller designed to work with FJD Autosteering kit. It allows users to perform essential functions quickly and easily, such as turning auto mode on or off, marking AB points, and measuring the covered area. FJD Easy Control is ideal under tough scenarios, like the touchscreen is out of reach, ones hands are wet or gloved, or when the cabin is shaky or dusty.


Easy to Use with Familiar Icons

There is no need to spend extra time memorizing new icons. With icons matching the touchscreen, the FJD Easy Control is intuitive to use even from day one.

Control Anytime, Anywhere

It puts everything under your control even in tough conditions, like the touchscreen is out of reach, your hands are wet or gloved, or try to engage in a dusty or shaky cab. With just one click, you can easily switch on and off the autosteering system, mark points, measure areas, and perform other essential functions, all without ever taking your eyes off the road.

Durable and Safe

Built with endurability and safety in mind, FJD Easy Control is IP65-rated. It has been tested to handle over 100,000 clicks and beyond, proving that it is a robust solution for your precision agriculture needs.

Flexible Installation

With up to 15m wireless communication and a compact design, FJD Easy Control can be installed anywhere within the cab. The convenient and simple operation enables you to maximize work efficiency.

Seamlessly Switch Between Physical and Virtual Buttons

Designed for the utmost flexibility and convenience, the FJD Easy Control is able to switch between physical and virtual buttons easily. This ensures you work seamlessly without interruption.

Anti-Lost for Stable Connection

Never get caught off-guard with our notification feature. The touchscreen will prompt a notification immediately when the controller is disconnected. You can fix the disconnect anywhere with the strap that comes with it, so you can stay in control no matter where you are in the field.

Farming can be Simpler

Functioning under multiple application scenes frees you from major operating environment restrictions. The farming process can be much more flexible and simpler.

Why FJD Easy Control?

FJD Easy Control

A Game-Changer During Tough Conditions

FJD Easy Control is designed to assist farmers when the touchscreen is not easily accessible, particularly in challenging conditions such as when their hands are wet, or gloved, or when it's difficult to engage with the touchscreen due to a shaky or dusty cab.

FJD Easy Control

Better View, Smoother Workflow

No more worries about the pop-up boxes blocking the view of Control Terminal interface. FJD Easy Control allows farmers to observe real-time area metering through the screen while performing other operations without interference.

FJD Easy Control

Customized Features for More Personalized Operations

With just one click, farmers can easily handle high-frequency operations such as confirming point markings, saving guidance lines, and opening the ISOBUS window. These buttons are designed to provide farmers with a more personalized operation, enabling them to work more quickly and simplify their farming tasks. Simpler work, happier farming.

FJD Easy Control

Higher Efficiency in A/B Point Marking

This wireless controller enables farmers to mark points quickly and accurately with just one click. It significantly reduces the possibility of accidental touch errors that may occur when operating on the screen. As a result, this greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of point marking for farmers. Farmers no longer have to deal with the frustration and time-consuming process of manual point marking.

FJD Easy Control

Quicker Adjustment in Actual Operation

It enables you to achieve a one-click turnaround at the end of the row and easily adjust the guidance line settings according to the actual situation. Just click the direction button and the tractor will auto shifts accurately as you wish. (*To enable one-click turnaround, you need to purchase the Basic U-turn feature first.)

FJD Easy Control SPECs

Electric Steering Wheel
FJD Easy Control Model AT-EC01
Protocol BT5.0
Distance ≈15 m
Power Supply 2.2-3.6 V
Operating Temperature -25 ℃-65 ℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ - 85℃
Relative Humidity 20%-90%
Battery Life AAA*2, 1 year
Number of Button 7
Button Life ≥100,000
Device Size 120 x 60 x 22 mm
Package Size 223 x 148 x 48 mm


Q1: Can FJD Easy Control only be used with FJD Autosteering Kit?

A1: Yes, it does.

Q2: Where should I install it?

A2: With up to 15m wireless communication and a compact design, FJD Easy Control is able to be installed anywhere within the cab.

Q3: How long is its after-sales warranty?

A3: The warranty of FJD Easy Control is 1 year.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Eric A Pearson
Smart Bluetooth Control

FJD Easy Control has made my farming operations more convenient and efficient. Its smooth and intuitive interaction allows for easy control of my tractor.

Tiffany T Freund
Control at Your Fingertips

This tool has made controlling my tractor a breeze. Its seamless remote control and reliable Bluetooth connectivity make my farming tasks so much easier.

George S Krebs
Enhanced Efficiency

This device has significantly improved the efficiency of my farming operations. I highly recommend it.

Warren B Heine
Reliable and Convenient

I am impressed with the reliable Bluetooth connectivity of the Easy Control Bluetooth Keypad. Its smooth and intuitive interaction makes it a pleasure to use.

Barbara D Smith
User-Friendly Tool

This device has made farming a breeze. Its ergonomic design and versatile compatibility make it easy to use.