FJD 500W Solar Generator PONY 500 & 120W MPPT Solar Panel

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Reliable Power Supply: PONY 500 can charge a cell phone 35 times (15Wh), a laptop 6 times (70Wh), a drone 20 times (20Wh), and a camera 30 times (15Wh). Has UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for added security during power outages.

Stylish Design: Offering dust and water resistance, this sleek unibody is made from premium, scratch-resistant aluminum that is self-cooling, the perfect combination of style and functionality. A high-quality leather handle adds refinement, making it an excellent gift choice.

Easy Portability: Weighing just 7 lbs, FJD Pony 500 is 50% lighter than its competitors. With the size as a lunchbox, FJD Pony 500 is perfect for camping trips, power outages or for digital nomads working in outdoor offices. It is easy for people to take it anywhere due to its compact design.

User-Friendly Operation: You can power up your devices with just a simple press of a button.

Noise-Free: Say goodbye to noisy generators and hello to a silent energy backup. FJD Pony 500 is a perfect choice for outdoor activities, camping, and even for use in a bedroom at night.

Excellent Battery: Compared to Lifepo batteries, PONY 500 is equipped with NMC batteries, which provide longer battery life, lighter weight and better performance in cold weather.

NON-STOP UPS: No fear of power outages! FJD Pony 500 keep your devices running.

What You Will Get: Get FJD Pony 500 with Type-C charging cable, 100W power adapter, DC box, 36-month warranty, user manual, and friendly customer service.

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How to charge PONY 500 with Solar Panel?

Product specification


Solar Panel

PV Adapter


585 × 415 × 67 mm

60 × 35 × 18.5 mm


4.4 Kg

100 g

Rated power

120 W


Anderson (input)


10 V DC - 30 V DC/5 A, max. 140 W

XT60 (input)


10 V DC - 30 V DC/5 A, max. 140 W

Type-C (output)


Max. 140 W



Protection against overcurrent,
overvoltage, undervoltage, and

Operating and storage temperature

-20℃~ 60℃

-20℃ ~ 45℃