FJD Autosteering Kit

How to Activate U-turn Auto-drive

Instructions on License U-Turn Auto-Drive Activation
Working with FJD Autosteering Kit, the U-turn Auto-drive will enable you to work easier and more efficiently.

Now let's follow the steps to activate your U-turn license.

Step 1: Activate the U-turn Auto-drive

After purchasing, go to Settings, click on Advanced functions and enter the activation code to activate the U-turn function.

U-Turn Operation-1

Step 2: Set the parameters of the vehicle

Back to the Settings -- Vehicle Information -- Turning Radius. Drive a circle with the steering wheel locked to the left/right, and measure the radius of the circle marked out by the outer wheels, then use the measured value as the Turning Radius.

radius measurement

Step 3: Enable U-turn feature

Click Settings -- Advanced Functions and you will see the Closed button, click on it to enable the U-turn.

enable U-Turn function

Step 4: Make the U-turn automatically plan the path and enable its automatic driving

First, go to Task to select the Field -- select Task Name -- select Boundary. After the data is loaded, there will be two scenarios:

Scenario 1: If there is already a guidance line.

Import the guidance line and the tractor will then auto-drive according to the guidance line.

import history guidance line

Click the U-turn symbol on the right side of the screen to open a pop-up window. Select the direction you want and click YES in the box to enable auto edge closing. ( * Choose according to the actual situation) Then Save.

U-Turn settings

After enabled the U-turn Auto-drive, click the Record button to record the tractor's driving path.

Scenario 2: If there is no guidance line

Click Task to enter the operation panel. Then select the Field -- select Task Name -- Guidance Line. Check No guideline on the left side of the screen. Wait for it to process the data, and then click OK.

No Guidance line

Click the U-turn symbol on the right side of the screen to open the pop-up window. Then click Along the short/long side to determine a direction of guidance line planning.

generate guidance line automatically

After selecting the U-turn direction, click No to select no headland required. Then Save to import the guidance line. Last step is to click the Start & Record button to start the tractor's auto-driving.

Start recording the path

Now enjoy your U-turn Auto-drive!

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