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FJD Solar Sets - Best Solar Generator For Off Grid Living

FJD Solar Sets - Best Solar Generator For Off Grid Living - FJDynamics

Life is not meant to depend on the city for our needs. More and more people prefer to escape the city and build a new lifestyle when they are physically and mentally tired.

Off-grid living could be an inexpensive way to enjoy practice minimalism and escape fierce competition. A self-built off-grid cabin allows you to build a home to your liking and specifications. So you can pursue your passion without the burden of rent. In this article, we explain what a powerful solar generator is and why you need one for your off-grid cabin.

What Is An Off-grid Home and How To Power It?

An off grid home is a small dwelling that is not connected to a city or municipal water, sewer, gas or electric line. All electricity is generated on-site, usually from green electricity, but other energy sources can also be used. They are usually located in the bush, by the sea, or in some other location not connected to the public grid. And they are usually small enough to be powered by a solar energy kit.

Off-grid homes are usually powered by mobile solar panels. Most off-grid cabins are equipped with PV panels on the roof and/or solar panels mounted on the ground.

While advanced mobile solar panels work in rainy weather, they do not perform as well as on sunny days. Therefore, an energy storage system is needed to convert the electricity generated by solar panels into energy. Then the energy is stored in batteries to power the off-grid home when the light energy is not sufficient.

Best Solar Generator For Off Grid Living

What Is The Portable Off Grid Solar Generator?

Off grid solar generators are photovoltaic systems that consist of mobile solar modules and portable power stations or other energy storage devices. The PV system converts sunlight into electricity. And it can generate and store electricity when you are not connected to the public grid. The portable solar generators for off grid living do not require complicated wiring and can be installed independently, even by non-professionals.
To install a photovoltaic system yourself, you need inverters, photovoltaic modules, solar charge controllers, and batteries. You must install these components together, which are very complex and error-prone to the untrained eye.

FJD develops an electrical solution: FJD portable solar generator for off-grid living. Unlike gas generators, they emit no exhaust and you don t need to worry about power outages when you live off the grid.

Best Solar Generator For Off Grid Living

Why Do You Need The Best Solar Generator For Off-grid Living?

If you're a fan of off-grid living, whether you're going off-grid long-term or short-term, you need power from a solar array.

Solar systems for mobile homes

More and more people are enjoying the lifestyle of a mobile home or caravan. Using a gas generator is not environment-friendly. That means you need powerful RV solar panels. Installing a standalone solar energy system on the RV is complex, but if you're a pro, you can do it.

However, if you have a solar powered generator, you can save yourself the hassle of wiring. In the caravan, it does not have to be permanently installed in the motorhome. And it can be taken with you when you have to leave the caravan for outdoor activities.

Balcony power station with storage for off-grid huts

Building an off-grid cottage far away from the city is a new way of life. This is perfect if your cabin is in a sunny area, meaning a balcony solar panel is one of the best electrical solutions. You can set up the photovoltaic modules in your garden or on your balcony. The solar panel can be aligned with the sun so that the full energy of the light is used.

In addition, solar power generators are used in a wide range of other applications. For example, as power sources for outdoor work or camping trips, and as an emergency generator for home backup power.

How Does FJD Best Solar Generator For Off-grid Living Work?

The FJD best solar generator for off grid living consists of a foldable solar module and an energy storage device. It is operated independently in three steps: power generation, power storage, and power supply.

Power generation

This solar system generates electricity mainly from the mobile solar panel. Since the FJD foldable solar panel is suitable for mobile use, place the solar panels on the roof of an off-grid hut or in an open space. And you can point the solar panels toward the sun to maximize their efficiency. You can connect three 200W solar panels in parallel and then use a solar charge controller to generate electricity. It comes with the highest power output of 600 watts for energy storage.

best solar generator for off-grid living

Power storage

Power storage, as the name suggests, is the storage of power generated for solar panels in a battery. The FJD solar sets use a removable 2264Wh lithium battery that can be swapped out in less than 30 seconds. A capacity of 2264Wh is sufficient for an RV solar kit or a balcony solar system with storage in an off-grid cabin.

Power supply

FJD mobile home solar set supplies your devices with a rated power output of 2000W. There are 5 different types of connectors: AC, DC, cigarette lighter, USB connectors, and Type-C connectors. It can be used as a balcony solar system with storage for your off-grid cabin. And it enables power 99% of your devices simultaneously.

What Technology Is Used In The FJD Off Grid Solar Generator?

FJD right size solar generator is among the top picks for you to live off the grid. There's no need for you to worry about power outages.

Battery Management System (BMS)

FJD best solar generator for off-grid living has a built-in BMS that monitors voltage, current, and temperature for your safety. Batteries with built-in BMS can have overheat protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, and overcharge protection. High-quality lithium-ion batteries protect your solar system and ensure longer service life.

MPPT charge controller

FJD solar system sets come with an integrated solar charge controller with MPPT technology. A DC-DC transformer is utilized to convert electricity from a higher voltage to a lower voltage, while keeping the current level constant with only a minor loss during the conversion process. The use of MPPT charge controllers allows for the handling of higher input voltages, providing an advantage when multiple modules are linked together.

best solar generator for off-grid living

Inverter technology

The simplest way to translate "inverter" is "inverter". FJD best solar generator for off grid living reliably converts direct current into alternating current. One major benefit of this technology is that it produces a flawless and pure sine wave voltage by the end of the process. Quasi-electricity maintains a consistently high quality similar to that of a typical household electrical outlet.

Choosing The Best Solar Generator For Off Grid Living

As for choosing the best solar generator for off grid living, FJD has two versions with different power and capacities. Check the tips below to buy the right size solar generator.

FJD 2000W Power Station+200W Foldable Solar Panel

FJD 2264Wh high battery capacity solar power generators that can power 99% of your devices simultaneously. If you are looking for a powerful power station of high quality, the FJD 2000W solar generator can meet the power needs of your entire off-grid cabin.

  • 2000W AC pure sine wave inverter
  • Multiple output ports (AC, USB-A, USB-C, DC5525, cigarette lighter output)
  • High battery capacity of 2264 Wh
  • 600 watt max solar input
  • Four ways to be fully charged (cigarette lighter, solar panel, AC outlets, generator)
  • Application of green electricity
  • Above 1000 charge cycles for long term use
  • 1200W max fast charging (solar + AC)
off grid solar generator

FJD 500W Portable Power Stations+120W Solar Panel

The FJD 500W Solar Generator is compact and lightweight, allowing for easy portability and flexibility as it doesn't require permanent installation in a fixed location. It is portable and suitable for short trips. You can simply align the mini PV modules to the sun and the solar powered generator will generate electricity.

  • Portable mini solar system
  • Easy installation without additional connections
  • Multiple output ports (AC, USB-A, USB-C, DC5525, cigarette lighter output)
  • Four ways to be fully charged (cigarette lighter, solar panel, AC outlets, generator)
  • Wireless fast charging
  • LED lamp SOS mode
  • LCD screen for different specs
  • Above 1000 charge cycles for long term use

With the increasing demand of diverse off grid lifestyles, the FJD powerful solar generator offers a good power solution. However, they are also excellent as power sources for outdoor camping trips and home backup power. Thus, FJD best solar generator for off-grid living is among the top picks.


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