Solar Generator for RV

The Complete Guide to Solar Generator for RV

Solar Generator For RV

In the absence of grid power, a solar powered generator for RV works as an all-in-one power source.

A solar powered generator for RV is composed of several devices that normally work separately. It mainly consists of the following parts: inverter, converter, batteries, charge controller, and solar panels.

All these devices can be combined into a self-contained unit for the following reasons:


●Ease of use

●Ease of installation

The solar RV generator is used in a variety of situations, so different people call them by different names. For example, some people may call solar generators for RVs solar powered generators, solar power stations, solar power boxes, etc. It is important to note that generators for RV without portable solar panels are sometimes called power stations, including the inverter, converter, battery, and charge controller.

Solar Generator For RV

How Does A Solar Generator For RV Work?

A solar RV generator combines the basic elements of a traditional gas-powered generator with the renewable energy of the sun. So how does a solar powered generator for RV work?

These all-in-one systems incorporate power generation, storage, processing, and output.

If you have a clear view of the sun, a portable solar panel can generate 12V DC power wherever you are. The most common solar generators batteries are lithium ion batteries and lead acid batteries. The former performs better and is more efficient.

An included charge controller then transfers this energy. The energy can be used immediately or to be stored in solar generators batteries for later use.

Solar RV generators are usually equipped with an inverter, which converts the 12V DC electricity generated by the panels into AC power.

As a result, it can run many appliances and systems in your RV with a short charging time.

Solar Generator For RV

Is It Possible To Power An RV With A Solar Generator?

Usually, you can power an RV with a solar generator. But its power output and battery capacity must be adequate to support the RV's most needs. Otherwise, portable solar generators will not function properly.

Portable solar generators can be used for RVs. But whether the amount of power they provide is enough depends on your lifestyle.

Electricity supplied by most portable power stations is only a few hundred to a thousand watts. In most cases, that's not enough to power a typical collection of appliances and devices.

If you want to run AC appliances frequently, you'll need a battery capacity rated at least 500 amp hours. FJDynamics 2000 Watt Solar Generator comes with a battery of 612 amp hours.

A solar generator with a high capacity may be enough to fully power an RV for those who have a great need for power usage or want to live full time in their RV. So how to choose a solar generator for RV?

RV With A Solar Generator

What To Consider When Buying A Solar RV Generator?

Here are a few key things to consider when buying a solar generator for your RV:

1. Battery Power and Capacity: First, consider how much power you typically use in your RV. So you can find what size solar generator you need. Then figure out what output power you'll need based on all the appliances and systems you use on RV camping days. And you also need to choose ternary polymer lithium ion batteries, LiFePO4 batteries, or lead acid batteries according to your needs.

2. Inverter Type and Size: You need to make sure your solar generator contains a pure sine wave inverter instead of a modified sine wave inverter. Because it can usually run devices without difficulty powering certain electronic items like TVs, radios, and air conditioners. Besides, the inverter should be able to supply enough wattage for both your continuous and peak needs.

3. Number of Output Ports: There should be a variety of output ports on the RV solar generator. So you can connect multiple devices to it at the same time. The main output ports include Type-A USB ports, Type-C USB ports, cigarette lighter ports, AC outlets, etc.

Solar RV Generator

4. Solar Charging Speed: It is greatly significant how quickly you charge the battery in finding the right solar generator for your RV. Infrequent power users might not mind the low charging speed after every RV trip. But those outdoor life lovers who need more frequent use might be frustrated waiting a long charging time to fully charge the battery.

5. Product Price Range: From affordable to top-of-the-line, solar generators for RVs can be found at a wide range of prices. RVers who are on a budget may need to choose a generator with lower wattage and fewer features. But others can go for a premium generator with more features and a higher wattage to live full time in an RV.

Best Solar Generator For RV

It makes sense to buy a solar generator for RV when you consider AC power solutions.

First, you can enjoy power in your RV without disturbing others because it is silent. And it emits no emissions, which is more environmentally friendly than gas generators. In addition, installing a solar generator is much easier than installing an independent solar system. Besides, a solar generator enhances your RV lifestyle by reducing energy costs, increasing mobility, and providing power anytime you want.

If you need the right size solar generator for your RV trip, FJDynamics 2000 Watt Solar Generator is one of your top recommendations.

It comes with replaceable lithium-ion battery packs of 2264 watt hours, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) function, and a 2000W pure sine wave inverter. You can use it to power up to 12 electronic devices at once and it supports 4 recharge options - AC outlet, solar panel, inverter generator, and car charging. It takes only 2h to fully charge the portable power station. Thus, this power solution will satisfy your electricity needs as well as those of your travel buddies.

Best Solar Generator For RV

This solar generator is a good choice for RV owners looking for a compact and affordable option. The included solar charge controller means there's no need to purchase additional hardware. And its 2264 watt hours capacity and expandable battery packs can accommodate heavy energy users. It also includes a 200 watt solar panel with a high energy conversion efficiency of up to 21.5%. While it may cost more and weigh more than other options, that extra cost and weight go towards increased usability.

This type of unit offers RVers the ability to find new camping spots without relying on gas generators off the grid. It's an excellent alternative to a full RV solar system, yet still provides value for money. Is this something you would consider adding to your power system? In a word, FJDynamics 2000 Watt Solar Generator is the best option for your RV trip.

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