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How To Choose A Solar Powered Generator For Home?

How To Choose A Solar Powered Generator For Home? - FJDynamics

An emergency power supply for the household is therefore very important. To date, more and more people are buying solar generators, but few really understand it. In this article, we will introduce you to how solar generators work and give you a guide to choosing a solar powered generator for home.

solar powered generator

How to Choose the Right Backup Power Supply for Your Home

When the power goes out, your house is plunged into darkness and all your appliances stop working. But with a home backup system, you can weather any storm. A home backup system keeps your home powered in the event of a power outage, allowing you to keep your lights and fridge working.
The most common power generators on the market are gasoline generators and solar generators. If you live in an area where extreme weather conditions are common, a gasoline generator might be more suitable for you. More advanced gas generators are now on the market, but there is always some noise associated with gas generators. If you live in an area with occasional power outages and do a lot of camping and traveling, a solar generator can provide you with clean solar energy whenever and wherever you need it.

solar generator

What Is A Solar Generator

A solar generator includes a power station and a solar panel. The power station can be connected to a solar panel to generate electricity. And the solar generator converts the sunlight collected by the solar cells into electricity. It stores the DC power generated by the solar panels and converts it to AC power via an inverter, then delivers electric power to your devices.

what is a solar generator

How Does A Solar Generator Work

To give you a better understanding of the solar generator, this article explains the individual components of a solar generator.

Solar panel

Solar generators usually consist of a power station with a solar panel. The solar panels are made from a variety of materials, with polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels being the most commonly used. Although they have different conversion efficiencies, they both convert the solar energy into alternating current. When solar panels are connected in parallel, they can generate more electricity.

solar panel


The purpose of the battery is to store the electricity generated by the solar cells. Nowadays, the commercially available batteries are generally lithium ion and lead acid batteries. Compared to lead acid batteries, lithium ion batteries last longer. Under the same conditions, lithium-ion batteries last about five years longer than lead-acid batteries.

Charge controller

The charge controller is an important part of the solar generator. It not only supplies the battery with electricity, but also protects the solar generator from overcharging. In addition, it balances the power between the solar panels and the solar generator so that the power is kept constant.


Because the electricity generated by solar panels is DC, while traditional home appliances require AC. Therefore, a "conversion station" is necessary to convert DC to AC, and this is where the inverter comes in.


Why You Need A Solar Generator

A renewable energy source

As electricity prices increase, sustainable energy is becoming more and more important for the power supply. And energy from the sun is a clean energy source. This means that no connection is required and there is a constant source of energy wherever the sun shines.

Quieter and no exhaust emissions

Since the solar powered generator for home does not require any fuel, there are no exhaust emissions during charging or operation. They are quieter and virtually silent than petrol generators, making them ideal for home backup power.

Parallel connection

With a solar generator, not only the solar modules can be connected in parallel, but also the mobile power station. If you connect four 100 watt solar modules in parallel, you can operate the energy storage device with an output of 400 watts. And if you connect two power stations with a capacity of 2000Wh in parallel, you will have a reserve power capacity of 4000Wh. This means that the solar generator can cover the demand even when there is a high demand for electricity.

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FJD 2000W Solar Generator: The Best Solar Generator for Home Backup Power

The FJD 2000W solar powered generator for home is one of the most versatile generators on the market. It consists of a foldable 200W solar panel and a portable 2000W power station. There are 4 kinds of charging methods and 12 outputs (3 AC ports, 2 DC ports, a car charging port, 4 USB ports and 2 Type-C ports). So you can not only charge your cell phone and tablet via the USB ports, but also charge electronic devices at the same time via other output ports.

Large capacity of 2264wh

One of the advantages of the FJD 2000W solar generator is the large capacity of 2264Wh. The lithium ion battery can store 2264Wh of electricity, with a rated power output of 2000W, for more stable power supply when connected to 200W foldable solar panel. For example, a solar generator will run a 100 watt projector for 16 to 17 hours, a 400 watt CPAP for 5 to 6 hours, and a 500 watt washing machine for 3 to 4 hours.

Multiple loading options

①From AC outlets: You can charge up to 60% in one hour and fully charged in 2 hours;
②Via solar panels: FJD 2000W mobile power station can support up to 600W solar panels;
③By car chargers: It takes 32 to 34 hours to fully charge FJD MP2000;
④From generators: FJD 2264Wh solar generator supports generator with rated power of 1500W. Besides, people can also replace the backup battery in 30s to get power quickly;

solar powered generator

UPS function

FJD power stations aim to start up immediately in the event of a power failure and shut down when power is automatically restored. That is, uninterruptible power supply with high efficiency for electronic devices.

Safe and reliable

Safety and reliability are very important as a household power reserve. To protect the lithium battery, the FJD power station use a BMS battery management system to provide overheat protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, and overcharge protection.

Quiet, no exhaust emissions

The concept of FJD solar generator is to create a clean power environment. This power station with solar panel is quiet and almost silent when used in the house or in the garden. Compared to gas generators, it has no exhaust emissions and is more suitable for use as a household power reserve.


If you are looking for a portable solution powered by solar energy, the FJD portable solar generators are top picks for you! They come with a short charging time and take the worry out of the equation when the power goes out or during extreme weather conditions. Whether you need a powered system to help you go completely off the grid or you just need to power your home during unexpected situations, FJD portable solar generators can supply you with high efficiency. Check our products here: 2000 watt solar generator and 500 watt solar generator.

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