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FJD Smart Versatile ZTR Mower Z4210 (4kWh Battery Suit)

FJD Smart Versatile ZTR Mower Z4210 (4kWh Battery Suit)

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Joy of Mowing, Enriching Garden Life

An electric-powered ZTR mower with smart driving and mobile power station functionalities. Maintain your garden all year round with our accessories, moving, leaf vacuuming, or snow plowing capabilities.

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  • Versatile Through Accessories

    Versatile Through Accessories

  • Assisted Driving

    Assisted Driving

  • Assisted Driving

    Mobile Power Station

  • Assisted Driving

    Zero Turn Steering

  • Assisted Driving

    Touchscreen Control

  • Assisted Driving

    Electric Deck Adjustment

Joy of Mowing, Enriching Garden Life

All-new Driving Experience

Assisted Driving

Assisted Driving

Effortlessly mow your lawn with cruise control and lane keeping. Enjoy a hands-free and pedal-free experience, allowing you to relax or multitask while our advanced features take care of the job. Achieve a precise and consistent cut for a beautifully manicured lawn every time. Make mowing a breeze with our cutting-edge ZTR Mower.

Assisted Driving

Flexible Automatic Steering Options

Our ZTR Mower offers two automatic turn around ways to giving you flexible steering options to keep your turf well

ztr mower

Zero-turn Steering

Experience the ease and precision of zero-turn steering with our mower's wheel control feature.

ztr mower

Millimeter Accuracy Adjustment

Achieve a perfectly manicured lawn every time with the millimeter accuracy of the Electric Infinitely Adjustable Mowing Deck, allowing for precise control over cutting height at the touch of a button.

ztr mower

Multi-function Touchscreen Control

The 10.1" touchscreen display can be used for various controls, shows real-time vehicle status with this ZTR Mower.

  • ztr mower

    Power Always Available

    A mobile power station in your yard. With up to 2000W AC/DC output, our versatile ZTR Mower can power devices like edge trimmer, drills, light and your smartphone. Simplify your yard maintenance with our electric mower’s versatile power output.

  • ztr mower

    Higher in Power, Longer Endurance

    Equipped with a 4kWh battery set and an extra battery as an add-on, our mower can provide sufficient power even for an entire household if needed. Long-time mowing has never been this easy.

  • ztr mower

    Multiple Charging Methods

    Stay prepared no matter what. With multiple charging methods, you can charge your ZTR Mower anytime, anywhere.

  • ztr mower


  • Smart Versatile ZTR Mower Trailer


  • ztr mower

    Snow Plow

  • ztr mower

    Grass Vacuum

  • ztr mower


  • ztr mower


  • ztr mower

    Sport Stadium

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  • Solar Panels

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  • Battery

  • Cover

  • Mulching kit

  • Solar Canopy

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Versatile Features Showcases 

FJD Z4210 Versatile ZTR Mower SPECs

Weight (without batteries)260kg / 574lb
Weight (with 2 batteries)283kg / 624lb
Number of Blades2
Cutting Height30-127mm / 1.2-5 in
Deck Size 1070mm / 42 in
Battery Capacity4kWh(standard) / 6kWh(extended)
Battery VoltageMAX 59V
Speed12km/h / 7mph
Max Operation Area per Charge8900㎡ / 2.2acres(4kWh)
12900㎡ / 3.2acres(6kWh)
Max towing weight150kg / 330.7lb
Load Capacity60kg / 132lb
Screen Size10.1 in.
Num of output power port2
Charging time3.5H(4kWh)/4.5H(6kWh)
AC PowerMAX 2000W
Output Voltage (AC port)110V-230V
Output Voltage (DC port)MAX 59V
AC ChargingMAX 2000W
Solar Charging InputMAX 200W
Waterproof IPX4

Blog Post

FJD Z4210 Smart Versatile Mower FAQ

Q: What is the typical delivery time?

A: On average, delivery takes 8-12 weeks. Contact our sales team for specific time estimates.

Q: What is the warranty coverage for the Z4210?

A: The Z4210 comes with a 36-month warranty, covering manufacturing defects. Faulty parts are repaired or replaced free of charge within this period.

Q: What accessories are compatible with the Z4210?

A: Available accessories include mulching kits, grass vacuums, canopies, solar panels, snow plows, and more. Most of these must be purchased through FJD.

Q: What is the battery capacity and runtime of the Z4210?

A: The standard 4 kWh battery covers 2.2 acres. The optional 6 kWh battery covers 3.5 acres.

Q: How long does charging take?

A: It takes 3.5 hours to fully charge the 4 kWh battery from 0% at 220V.

Q: Can the Z4210 battery power external devices?

A: Yes, the Z4210 battery's AC outlet supports devices up to 2,000W. The runtime depends on the power consumption of each device.

Q: What assisted driving features are included?

A: Cruise control, one-touch turns, U-turns, and path following simplify operation. Instructions can be found in the user manual.

Q: Does the Z4210 use RTK or base stations?

A:The Z4210 uses inertial navigation without RTK or base stations, resulting in slightly lower accuracy.

Q: How does the Z4210 compare to similar electric mowers?

A: Advantages include versatility, mobile power output, intelligent driving aids, larger battery capacity, and expanded accessory options.

Q: What functions does the steering wheel control?

A: The multi-function wheel controls speed, gears, height adjustment, turns, U-turns, cruise control, and more. It is easier to use than stick controls.

Q: What is the maintenance schedule?

A: Change the motor oil every 500 hours or 6,000 km. Replace blades as needed, and check tire pressure before each use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brian R

Even with mobility issues, I can easily ride and operate the Z4210 to mow my lawn independently.

Wentworth Estate

The Z4210 is revolutionizing our estate groundskeeping with its electric motor and long run time per charge.

Michelle T

As a homeowner, the Z4210 has made maintaining my large property so much easier this summer.

Michael R.
Excellent quality

As a homeowner, I can mow my large 3 acre property efficiently with the Z4210. It saves me so much time and effort.

Alex S.

I'm so impressed with my new Z4210 purchased last month! Mowing my whole yard is faster with its large battery.